Garden Party

It seems like months since the idea of an indoor party came to us; it definitely had taken us weeks to build the pond, lay the artificial turf, paint the murals, install the fence and gate, and get all of the plants.

The middle of July seemed like the perfect time to cut the metaphorical ribbon and invite our friends to come and play with our gnomes (Dave and Dave) and drink Pimm’s on our lawn.

We also combined the evening with prize-giving for our World Cup sweepstake.

It was lovely to see so many friends, new and old. Our pool table got a bit of a hammering with the Cog team trying to hustle Laura from Design Week; our wall-sized World Cup chart came in for ridicule from artist Paul St George; and several jugs of Pimm’s were downed by guests who will remain nameless.

Prizes were distributed to many lucky winners, with the ultimate prize (his own vuvuzella) going to ex-Cogger, James Hurst of Cure Studio, who was lucky enough to draw Spain in the sweepstake.

A great night; we should do it again next year.

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