Get Into Theatre branding

Branding for a project to address the lack of trained diverse talent within the theatre sector. Working with The Stage.


The Stage is a weekly paper and an increasingly popular online platform. It is the go-to resource for anyone who works in, or has a keen interest in, theatre and the performing arts. Established in 1880 it is still run by one of the founders’ families.

The team at The Stage approached us with an interesting proposition – to create the branding for a site that will promote opportunities and broaden access to the information of how to break into the industry, beyond those who already “know the right people”.

The project was to be supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre.

Key to the project was the tone of voice (both written and visual). The brand needed to strike the tricky balance between being appealing to (a broad range of) young people whilst being both business-like and not being dumbed-down or patronising.

It was also important that the work equally represented both backstage and onstage opportunities.

Through various experiments and conversations we hit upon the idea of using spike tape as a consistent visual element. Spike tape is used on stage to show actors where to stand or where props need to be positioned. And it comes in a great range of bright colours (to be seen under stage lighting).

We created a playful visual identity that picks up the tape theme for its shape and typography.

We delivered a package of assets including typography, tone-of-voice, visual elements and various pages of a proposed website, with a simple series of questions as the key driver to deliver information.

Their team did a brilliant job, using those assets to create a fabulous online resource that is already having a big effect on the sector.

Have a look at the website, it’s great.

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