Gwenyth Herbert

Gwyneth Herbert is a firm favourite in the Cog studio. Our paths have crossed a few times as she has featured in many brochures, leaflets and posters that we’ve worked on.

As part of the South Bank Centre’s free evening series, she performed in the Clore Ballroom in the Royal Festival Hall.

After exchanging secret-santa gifts and sipping mulled wine, the Cog team headed out to the South Bank to see Gwyneth Herbert perform at the Royal Festival Hall’s auditorium space.

She gave a belting performance, managing to fill the vacuous space with only an acoustic guitarist to accompany her vocals. It was a really enjoyable set, with pop-tinged melodies and wistful, funny lyrics. As we sung along to some of the songs quite audibly, Gwyneth thought we were a rugby team on a night out (and mentioned as much).

After the performance, one member of our team seemed hell-bent on buying a bratwurst (or two) from the German market which had been temporarily set-up at the riverside, just outside the Southbank Centre. Having smelt the aroma coming from the cooking sausages, most of our team followed her lead.

Great music and fortifying food; it doesn’t get any better!

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