Half Moon brochure covers 2005 – 2009

Half Moon Young People’s Theatre is a wonderful venue in London’s East End. From 2005 to 2011 their brochure covers were amongst our most joyous projects.

Half Moon produce theatre for young people, all young people. We produced the publicity materials for all of their shows (more of those in posts later in the year) and we designed a regular listings brochure that contained all of their offering.

The challenge was finding a visual language that would appeal to the parents of toddlers and not alienate the difficult to reach teenage audiences. No single show image could encapsulate the range of productions, and a collage of images would be messy and could potentially put off both key audiences. So we decided to produce a new cover image for each brochure.

So, twice a year, we cordoned off an area of our studio to create Half Moon faces. We raided our attics for children’s toys, we raided our mums’ button-boxes, and we emptied out our tool-kits. Below are just a few of the rejected or in-progress images we created before settling on the cover designs, shown above.

Half_Moon_three_a Half_Moon_three_b Half_Moon_three_c Half_Moon_three_d

These were joyous projects to work on, we always got a kick out of them. Thanks to Jackie Eley and Chris Elwell, at Half Moon, for the opportunity. The theatre goes from strength to strength do visit them if you have children, of any age.

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