Tim Etchells

Visual artist, writer and performer Tim Etchells wanted a clean, uncluttered site that would showcase his stunning work.


We’ve known Tim’s work, and that of his company Forced Entertainment, for a long time (in fact our head of digital Sam was once their marketing manager), so we were thrilled to get a chance to work with Tim to design a website for his solo work.

With a portfolio of incredibly striking works across artforms our job was really quite simple – a website design that didn’t ‘get in the way’, a minimal design that showcased the works to best effect.


Tim’s previous site was difficult to update and used an out of date content management system (leaving it vulnerable to security threats), the design was tired and it wasn’t responsive (adapting to different screen sizes).

Like many artists’ websites, the new site centres around the portfolio, featuring over 150 projects which can be navigated using category and year filters.


Individual projects pages are designed to make the most of the images for each artwork. A large gallery is the focus of the page, with basic information on the work separated from a more detailed description, so users get an at-a-glance summary of the work.

The site also features a ‘notebook’ section. A prolific writer, Tim uses this area to share thinking and writing (as well as images and video), giving a deeper insight into his process and his work, as well as highlighting forthcoming events.


The responsive design means the site can easily be accessed on all devices, with large images featuring on all screen sizes. Overall the site has a clean, minimal look, but every detail has been carefully considered, with design elements, fonts, spacing and positioning all working together to create a website design that allows the work to take centre stage.


Launched: November 2015
CMS: WordPress
Visit: www.timetchells.com

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