We are hiring: experienced designer

Got a head full of ideas, an eye for detail and a longing to work in the arts? Join our team and work with some of the UK’s most exciting cultural-sector clients – across branding, websites, editorial and campaign design.


We need a confident, articulate, intelligent designer to get stuck-in and make this role their own.

We’re expecting to employ someone with a firm grounding, knowledge and ability in all areas of communication design (print and web), someone who thrives under the pressure of a full-time studio position.

We don’t expect (or need) you to know how to code but we do expect candidates to know how to design websites.

There will be days when you’ll be an integral part of a large team, generating dozens of ideas, thinking about the bigger picture and arguing your point of view; on other days you’ll be working largely under your own direction, sweating the small things and pushing to ensure that every detail is perfect.

We all talk directly with our clients and we embrace the additional opportunities that come with this way of working.

We are passionate about design but never precious about the process of achieving the best results for our clients. We need someone who is sensitive to the particular challenges and opportunities afforded to us when working with clients in the cultural sector.

Download the full spec to see if you’d be a good fit.



Let us know what your expectations are. We’re open to a discussion.


As the basis of everything we do, we expect everyone in our team to have an enquiring, creative mind. We employ people who can think both creatively and logically; people who can spot opportunities to push an idea beyond its limits. We expect our designers to be exceptional.

A team member
We are a small team; it’s important that you’ll fit in and complement the mix. We’re not looking for clones, we’re looking for individuals with ability and flair. We work hard, we’re passionate about what we do and we are honest and fair in the way we do it; we want to work with people who share these values.

A good communicator
Our job is communication. We happen to use design as our medium. We expect designers to be articulate at every level about every aspect of the work we do and the areas we do it in.

Our clients trust us because we are experts in our field. We do our best work when we understand every aspect of the job. We are embedded in the cultural sector and are advocates for our profession; we’ll expect you to be too.

A can-do attitude
If a job needs doing we just get on and do it. We grasp opportunities to exceed every expectation.

We aren’t limited by specific media. If the job requires print then we’re knowledgeable enough to know how to achieve stunning results. If the job requires a website then we work with our brilliant digital team to create the perfect solution. Usually, we work across media types and deliver a package that delivers results, whatever the context.

We assume that our designers are capable and happy to work in teams and autonomously. We’ll expect you to be able to set your own schedule and know when and how to invest time to ensure that every project is delivered on time and in-budget (whilst exceeding our clients’ expectations).

Process aware
It’s not sexy but it is important. We care about the detail and about maintaining records, filing things correctly, invoicing accurately and maintaining the admin that is at the core of our business. We expect designers to pull their weight and understand why these things are important.

Essential qualities

  • We need the level of skills and experience that we’d expect after at least three years of working in a similar studio environment.
  • A varied portfolio that illustrates the ability to:
    – analyse and interpret briefs
    – work in a commercial environment with real clients
    – design in a creative and innovative way
    – design for different media
    – present and articulate ideas to an audience
    – know the difference between creative and wacky, and when each is an appropriate response to a brief
  • Ability to effectively manage many concurrent projects
  • A problem solver who remains calm under pressure
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A desire to work here

Desirable qualities

  • Knowledge and experience of working in the arts, cultural or heritage sectors
  • Experience of working on complex websites driven by content management systems such as WordPress
  • A geeky understanding of the sorts of details that make our client base different to most


How to apply:

Apply to: opportunity@cogdesign.com

  1. Download the job specification, look around our site and make sure we’re the right fit for you.
  2. Write to Michael Smith by post or via opportunity@cogdesign.com.
    Include small folio of work and a covering note explaining why you’d be the perfect candidate, along with your salary expectations and your CV.

If you decide it’s not right for you, please do still share the details, via the links below…

We don’t have a particular start date in mind, we’re happy to wait for the perfect candidate.


No agencies, please. We don’t use recruitment agencies so if you are a recruiter please don’t waste time on us.

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