We are hiring: WordPress developer

We’re looking for an experienced WordPress developer to work with some of the UK’s most exciting cultural-sector clients – front-end and a bit of back-end.


Salary: Around £35K

We’re open to a (realistic) discussions if you feel you are worth more, or if you feel you’d need to work up to this level.

Download the job specification.


We build websites, with audiences in mind, for some of the UK’s most interesting and exciting arts organisations.
Our first priority is to find someone who really wants to work with us and grow within our team.

  • Somedays that might mean focusing on a new build site with complex Rest API integration.
  • Somedays it’ll mean working with our project managers, thinking laterally about specific technical problems.
  • Somedays it’ll mean working with our designers through a list of fixes and snagging points.
We focus on WordPress but do get involved in other PHP based development.

We need someone who is flexible, focused and methodical.You’ll be working alongside two hugely experienced developers who manage both the front and back-end of our sites.

They usually work remotely but the rest of us are studio based. We’re happy for you to work in ways that best suit you.


Specifics about the role

We’re interested in finding brilliant people and building roles around them.

Our developers work across the front-end and back-end of sites (often requiring integration with ticketing APIs). We know that each developer has their own skills and experience so we often partner up to produce sites in the most efficient and effective ways.


We’re looking for someone who can show us they’d be a great addition to our team. That probably means:


  • Enthusiasm for what you do
  • Enthusiasm for what we do and how we do it.
  • Organised and methodical with a meticulous eye for detail
  • A problem solver, calm under pressure
  • Excellent numerical, written and verbal communication skills
  • A multi-tasker who can switch gears when needed
  • A team player with a desire to constantly improve and develop, and to help others do the same


  • It is important that you have the ability to (or the capacity to learn to):
  • Interpret designs so you are building complete solutions not just making the front end look like the flat visuals
  • Be sensitive to the nuance and subtleties that make the difference between good and great design
  • Communicating complex technicalities in simple language
  • Estimate how long you need to invest in specific task


It is essential that you have proficient experience with:

  • WordPress in all its glory
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 (SCSS / SASS)
  • Javascript (jQuery, backbone / underscore / Lodash / React etc)
  • GIT (Gulp / Bower / NPM)
  • Snagging sites across multiple browsers and platforms

It would be an advantage if you are already experienced in:

  • Integrating with APIs for ticketing and CRM systems
  • Accessibility best practise
  • *nix systems / command-line tools
  • SQL databases
  • Web servers NGINX / Apache


How to apply

Apply to: opportunity@cogdesign.com

  1. Download the job specification, look around our site and make sure we’re the right fit for you.
  2. Write to Michael Smith by post or via opportunity@cogdesign.com.
    Include a covering note explaining why you’d be the perfect candidate, along with your salary expectations and your CV.

If you decide it’s not right for you, please do still share the details 

We don’t have a particular start date in mind, we’re happy to wait for the perfect candidate.


No agencies, please. We don’t use recruitment agencies so if you are a recruiter please don’t waste time on us.


What’s it like at Cog?

Cog Design is a great place to work. Our studio has all the things you might expect (including a pool table, a well-appointed kitchen and a cupboard full of fancy teas) and some things you might not (such as an indoor garden and fishpond).

You’ll be working with an award-winning team of some of the most experienced and accomplished creative thinkers and designers in the UK.

You’ll be working with an unparalleled portfolio of clients that includes many leading arts organisations, venues and museums; you’ll be at the heart of the UK’s cultural and heritage sector.

We are a team, not just a group of individuals who share a studio. Everyone plays their part. You’ll be given the freedom to make decisions and you’ll be empowered to implement change. You’ll also receive the support of an experienced team and the opportunity to learn from those around you.

Cog culture

We are a full-time team of ten plus a wide formal network of associates with specialist skills.

We work exclusively with arts, heritage and education clients.

We are an agency obsessed with design and culture; that’s how we fill our days (and nights). We fund a monthly team outing where we review one of the capital’s cultural highlights for our website. And we publish a monthly cultural calendar via email.

We firmly believe in the power of culture to transform people’s lives, and in the role of public funding for the arts. The only work we do for free is on campaigns to raise awareness and lobby for greater recognition in education.

Our clients

One of the key reasons for working here is that you get to work with some of the most important cultural clients in the UK.

Happy clients and ongoing relationships are our most important indicator of success, and the cornerstone of our business. Our clients include the most interesting and exciting arts organisations in the UK.

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