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Cog is a Certified B Corporation

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Our latest Cultural Calendar
Cog Cultural Calendar – Oct '23
Colourful cartoon-style illustration. The side view of a female and male character looking into each other's eyes. She has a music playing device, connected to his headphones by a wire that loops into a heart shape. The pair are holding palms towards each other but are not quite touching.

Looking back at September...

The Autumn season is upon us. We've taken advantage with trips to gardens, galleries, museums, music and theatre (and football). See our mini reviews below.

Scroll down for our recommendations for October (and beyond).

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An elegantly dressed woman with short brown hair, stands in front of large doors, panelled with bronze, featuring Tracey Emin line-drawings.

In a very odd turn of events, Lily ended up on a solo Cog Night, visiting the newly reopenned National Portrait Gallery. You can read about the fun she had and the sights she saw in our journal



Out and about with the Cog team...

A large stage, criss-crossed with spotlights, contains a folk band of a dozen people. In the centre are two woman, dancing in clogs.

Michael's clog-dancing folk heroes book-ended a day with performance of their first three albums, and squeezed in foyer shows and a Q&A in between. 

Looking up at Arlo Parks, a woman of colour, reading poetry with her projected image behind he.

Part of Manchester Literature Festival, Parks shared poems and process from her new book. The event almost enticed Nazma to buy the book.

On a sandy beach, a large group gathers around a skeletal puppet.

Arts on the Beach
Watergate Bay

A sunny day on a Cornish beach was the perfect setting for Luke to experience community arts, including puppetry performance: Out of the Deep Blue.

In a dark room we see a row of 6 screens with a displayed image that feels like we are looking through windows to a concrete setting beside a sea.

The Curve, Barbican 

Chorus in Rememory of Flight is an ambitious filmic and poetic exploration of inheritance, loss and belonging. Michael has visited several times.

In a modern library setting, Nazma Noor sits in a wide arm-chair. Sitting on a surface next to her is a huge cartoon character with blue skin, a leaf-like beard and large red boots.

Storyhouse Chester

Fabulous felt sculptures, paintings and drawings make up this building-wide exhibition. Nazma couldn’t resist getting a photo.

A hand holds a 'wroking class bingo' card in from of the publicity materials for the play, Census.

Contact Theatre

Bingo cards questioned what it means to be working class in Manchester. Nazma’s friend designed the set and brought his non-arts mum for extra context. 

Various items of pottery crowd a small shelf unit in an open space in a gallery. It has the feel of a hostess trolley.

This smooth weight holds & gluts
An Lanntair, Stornaway

Justin visited this exhibition of new work by Glasgow artist Ffionn Duffy, featuring ceramics inspired by the craft traditions of the Outer Hebrides.

Looking down at the enormous crowd of rows of people at the O2. We see the tiny figure of Peter Kay on stage with his projected image on huge screens behind him.

Kay sold more than a million tickets in this first stand up tour in 12 years. Michael appreciated the craft and spectacle more than the sometime clumsy humour.

Within a larger stage, a domestic scene is housed within a raised, illuminated circle. On it, four actors prepare to take their bow.

God of Carnage
Lyric Hammersmith 

Parents convene to decide how to deal with an attack by one of their children against another. Michael enjoyed their breakdown of behaviour and manners.

Looking down on a staircase, surrounded by large, hung portraits of young black women in brightly coloured dresses.

Nazma loved this visual celebration of young black people from Manchester and Liverpool. These portraits beautifully enhance the Z-arts building.

Gallery space with flexible sculptures in coital positions, on brick plinths. In teh backlground, a wall-sized image of a woman eating a banana.

Sarah Lucas
Tate Britain

Emma enjoyed the less traditional approach of Sarah Lucas’ narrating the exhibition than third person descriptions.

Exterior of an imposing yellow brick town hall with dozens of windows.

Tower Hamlets Town Hall
Open House Festival

The original Royal London Hospital and now Tower Hamlets Town Hall was open and shown via an architect-led tour. Emma was blown away.

Three men, dressed for walking, sit on cubes, looking at what appears to be a projected image of the sea shore.

Museum nan Eilean

Justin saw the famed Lewis chessmen and found Scottish Island heritage alive and well at this brilliantly curated museum in the grounds of Lews Castle.

Brian Eno, a white man with a bald head, short grey beard and heavy glasses, stands, talking into a microphone. He is wearing an orange shirt and has one hand on his hip.

Cultural Assembly
Royal Festival Hall

Michael took part in this afternoon of civil democracy with guest speakers from various climate crisis campaigners, including the legendary Brian Eno.

A Korean man stands, taking applause in a small, black-bow theatre. Beside him is a table with three rise cookers on it.

Bridewell Theatre

The opening event of LIFT the City was Jaha Koo's complex and clever telling of Korean economic collapse and consequence, via three rice cookers.

The poster for Great Expectations, outside Royal Exchange Theatre.

Great Expectations
Royal Exchange Theatre

Perhaps spoiled by all the movie adaptations, Nazma thought this version, staged in The Bengal, was very good but she wanted more.

A white woman with long dark hair is working on a stained glass window, placed on a surface within a busy studio space.

Cut Glass Studio
Open House

Justin dropped in on this Tottenham-based stained glass studio to learn the fascinating techniques behind decorative glasswork, with plenty hands-on demos.

In a gallery wiith walls painted in deep blue, we see a large Venetian landscape painting in a gilt frame. On teh wall is explanative text, topped with the title 'Sensing Naples'.

Sensing Naples
Compton Verney

Michael got to experience this excellent multi-sensory gallery of wonderful Italian art, complete with bottled aromas and volcanic bells.

Actors, evenly spaced on a relatively small stage, stand, taking applause.

A Mirror
Almeida Theatre

Johnny Lee Miller leads the brilliant cast in this meta play about theatrical censorship. As the publicity stated: 'This Play is a Lie'. An excellent one.

What look like giant pop-up storybooks, on a theatrical stage.

Theatre by the Lake

Nazma, her nieces and nephews enjoyed this puppet show with an important environmental message. And they also got creative in a workshop beforehand.

In a gallery with dark green walls, five vertical panels form a single image of figures, dress in red, around a large table, draped in cream cloth.

A World In Common
Tate Modern

Jaw-dropping contemporary African photography that avoided lazy geographical divisions in favour of bold thematic groupings. Laura loved the variety of rooms.

A stage, with a brightly lit floor is surrounded by a clapping audience. Four actors stand in the middle, looking in various directions.

The Effect
National Theatre

Is love real or chemical, asks Lucy Prebble's play centred on a drug trial where participants fall for each other. Michael and Spencer both saw and did love it.

From a low angle on a red stage we see two, casually dressedfemale actors walking whilst being applauded from all sides. They are causally dressed, one is white, the other black.

Michael loved this final instalment (and the three others) in Clint Dyer and Roy Williams' epic episodic drama about race and family lives in London.

Neon sign with the words The Burnt City srrounded by a maze of lines.

The Burnt City
Punchdrunk, Woolwich

Nazma loved exploring and choosing her own path, often consciously deciding not to follow the crowds. She agrees with Michael’s review in our journal.

Looking down on a brightly lit stage with many illumintaed screens, we can just make out musicians in the centre.

Mercury Prize ceremony
Hammersmith Apollo

Ezra Collective brought the house down, performing alongside nine of their fellow nominees. Laura thought the judges made an excellent choice.

Along a dark wooden table, five small sculptural objects.

Echo: Anish Kapoor
Ightham Mote

Michael was disappointed by this tiny display of 'music boxes', accompanied by a speaker on the floor. Maybe they are macquettes of more impressive works.

On large, dark stage, a cellist sits in the centre. Close to her is a three pronged candlestick with lit candles. In the background , and to the sides, three ethereal figures in floaty blue dresses appear suspended in mid-air.

King Stakh's Wild Hunt
Barbican Theatre

Belarus Free Theatre shared this complex folk tale with a cast of Ukrainian performers. Michael was as moved by the occasion and confused by the story.

In a modern gallery space, a multifacted, blue glass structure is suspended above a large mirror.

Laura loved the playfulness of this exhibition in Portugal but was reminded how silly artists can sound when they talk in serious tones about their work.

Several globe-shaped ceramic vases sit amonst other ceramic artefacts on white-topped plinths.

Materiom X Isola
OXO Tower

London Design Festival 2023 continued, and Jo was at South Bank to attend this opening event at the Materials Matters Fair.

In a museum setting we see a section of a thatched roof.

Jo attended this free exhibition to find out more about the innovative materials and technologies being used to build the homes of the future.

Under a spotlight on a polished wooden floor sit two musicians behind foldback speakers – a female guitarist and male cello player sit playing.

Kristin Hersh
Exeter Phoenix

Luke had a front row seat for this intimate, mesmerising performance by Kristin Hersh (and Pete Harvey on cello). A musical hero for decades.

A dark, painted portrait of a human face and hand, hung from a wooden plank via a bulldog clib

The final edition of this occasional exhibition showcasing local artists. Luke has discovered brilliant new artists in every iteration.

A hand holds the printed programme for Nottingham Playhouse's Elephant Man

Elephant Man
Nottingham Playhouse

Nick loved the way The Real & Imagined History of the Elephant Man cleverly and creatively weaved in BSL, Captioning and Audio description.

Ben Target dressed in a grey boiler suit and woollen hat. He is on stage at Soho Theatre, behind him is a wooden workbench.

Ben Target: Lorenzo
Soho Theatre

Having rekindled his love of performance through caring for an elderly adopted relative, Ben tells that tender tale via woodwork, coffee and Wagon Wheels.

In a stadium at night, looking down on a floodlit pitch with players and other staff.

England v Scotland
Stadium of Light, Sunderland

Laura was delighted to see a full house as the Lionesses beat Scotland 2-1 in their UEFA Women's Nations League opening game.

A white wall, pasted with blackj and white print outs of imagery. Above it in hand written scrawl we can read... 'Drawn from the lowest dregs of humanity'

Slaughter House Girls Club
Deptford X Festival

Laura was surprised by The Albany’s connection to the moralising crusades of Victorian do-gooders. She loved the zines made by local secondary students.

Frankie Thompson and Liv Ello, dramatically lit on stage at Soho Theatre. Frankie is in a pink dress and is reaching out to the audience. Liv is wearing a tuxedo with ruffle shirt. Both are disheveled.

Body Show
Soho Theatre

It was Michael's second time seeing Liv Ello and Frankie Thompson's exceptional show about dysmorphia, dysphoria and dystopia.

Looking up at the twighlight sky, through the round open centre of the The Globe theatre. Suspened by wires we see the words 'Here we are'.

As You Like It 
Shakespeare's Globe

Grabbing a gap between thunderstorms and showers, Jo braved an evening performance, getting up close and personal from the stalls.

A museum interior, containing an Edwardian rolley bus, covered with signage and advertising slogans.

London Transport Museum
Covent Garden

In a fun coincidence, both Alex and Spencer visited this wonderful family museum. Spencer with his dad, Alex with his son. 

In the centre of a large, illuminated stage, surrounded by a clapping audiences, a solo pianist stands beside a grand piano.

Víkingur Ólafsson
Royal Festival Hall

Alex (and his dad) loved this Icelandic pianist's debut solo London concert where he performed the ever-magical Goldberg Variations to a rapt audience.


Our must-sees this month include...

Aurelia Thiérrée and Fukiko Takase star in a dance-theatre adaptation of The Yellow Wallpaper
The Coronet Theatre, until 7 October

As well as her RA show, there's a Marina Abramović Institute Takeover
Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre, until 8 October

A production of Jonathan Harvey’s Beautiful Thing is touring to celebrate the play’s 30th anniversary.
Stratford East, until 10 October / then Leeds Playhouse and HOME

Imposter 22 explores the politics of neurodiversity and the power of sharing a platform
Royal Court Theatre, until 14 October

A new musical adaptation of the bestselling novel, The Book Thief
The Curve, until 14 October

Housemates is a remarkable Cardiff story, performed by neurodivergent and neurotypical actor-musicians
Sherman Theatre, until 14 October

The riotous comedy, Dugsi Dayz returns to London following rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe
New Diorama Theatre, until 14 October

BFI London Film Festival promises to be bigger than ever
Across London and the UK, until 15 October

Fringe favourite, Kathy and Stella Solve A Murder! is a new comedy musical
HOME, until 21 October

In The Empress, Rani Das, ayah (nursemaid) to an English family arrives after a long voyage from India
Lyric Hammersmith, until 28 October

Following a sell-out run in 2015, Derby Theatre’s production of Brassed Off returns
Derby Theatre, until 28 October

Lagos, Peckham, Repeat: Pilgrimage to the Lakes highlights the links between Peckham and Nigeria
South London Gallery, until 29 October

After a run at HOME (as part of MIF), Kimber Lee’s untitled f*ck m*ss s**gon is in London
Young Vic, until 4 November

Ben Elton has written the new show, Close-Up: the Twiggy Musical
Menier Chocolate Factory, until 18 November

James Graham's Quiz is on tour with Rory Bremner as Chris Tarrant
Across the UK, until 2 December 

The Marina Abramovic retrospective is finally here, after its pandemic delays

Royal Academy, until 1 January

A World in Common: Contemporary African Photography
Tate Modern, until 14 January

Occupying the whole museum, The Mother & The Weaver is an exhibition of 40 works from women
The Foundling Museum, until 18 February

High Times and Dirty Monsters profiles the voice of young disabled people
On tour, 9 October – 25 November

James Rowland returns with a new show about fathers, sons and hope, Piece of Work
Camden People's Theatre. 10–14 October

An all-star team, led by Danny Boyle, have created a dance show based on The Matrix – Free Your Mind
Aviva Studio, 13 October – 5 November

The Horse sees Mathew Herbert and London Contemporary Orchestra perform with an equine skeleton
Barbican, 14 October

Frantic Assembly have a new production of Metamorphosis, adapted by Lemn Sissay
Liverpool Playhouse, 17–21 October (and UK tour until 2 March)

Based on the novel by Eliza Clark, the theatrical adaptation of Boy Parts has already got people buzzing
Soho Theatre, 18 October – 25 November

The King’s Men are getting the band back together in The Book of Will
Shakespeare North Playhouse, 19 October – 11 November

Luna Loves Library Day The Musical is a fun show for little ones, aged 3+
Z-arts, Manchester, 20–22 October

A new contemporary adaptation of Romeo & Juliet is a love-letter to Manchester
Royal Exchange Theatre, 20 October – 18 November

Monique Touko directs Roy Williams’ acclaimed play about the Iraq War, Days of Significance
Milton Court Studio Theatre, 23–28 October

Fuelled by halal Haribo and chicken wings, Brown Boys Swim is a new play from Karim Khan
Contact Theatre, 25–28 October

Darbar Festival 2023 in an unparalleled celebration of Indian classical music
Barbican, 26–29 October

Boutique festival, Mirrors happens around Hackney with Grouper headlining this year
Hackney venues, 28 October


And we're booking early for...

The Making of Pinocchio is a true tale of love and transgender transition told via the story of Pinocchio
Battersea Arts Centre, 1–10 November

Japanese math-rock noise-merchants, Tricot are touring the UK with a London stop 
Heaven, 5 November then across the UK

Ryoji Ikeda performs the UK live debut of Ultratronics – an audiovisual concert based on his latest album
Barbican, 8 November

Beowolf in a new Yorkshire adaptation of this epic tale of warriors, monsters, and dragons
Lawrence Batley Theatre, 8–11 November

Hiromi’s Sonicwonder sees the Japanese keyboardist performing as part of the London Jazz Festival
Barbican, 13 November

This Kind of Black (Requiem for Black Boys) is a new show from poet and musician Reece Williams
HOME, 15–18 November

Harriet Walter plays the matriarch in The House of Bernarda Alba, with Rebecca Frecknall directing
National Theatre, from 16 November

Ai Weiwei and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer lead the programme of over 40 installations at Lumiere 2023 
Durham, 16–19 November

This years brick laying ceremony and mumufication aftermath party for K2’s The People's Pyramid
The Florrie, Toxteth, 23 November

Noël Coward's Brief Encounter adapted for the stage by Emma Rice and directed by Sarah Frankcom
Royal Exchange Theatre, 2 December – 13 January 2024

Dates for the original Japanese stage production of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away (on sale soon)
London Coliseum 30 April – 20 July 2024


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