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18th October 2021

It’s Laura’s first day at Cog! She didn’t meet colleagues face to face, but at least… more


14th October 2021

Nick’s online to make sure Gala Durham’s first Live Stream on CogPlayer goes well. Good Luck… more


13th October 2021

Alex has got the big red button out. He’s just launched the new site for Winchester… more


12th October 2021

Nick is checking out the new programme of digital events Dublin Theatre Festival have just launched… more


8th October 2021

Emily’s shocked the team at our end of week drinks with her revelation that she doesn’t… more


7th October 2021

Our first ‘in-person’ workshop for a very long time was in a fancy, wood-panelled board-room (with… more


30th September 2021

This morning’s breakfast briefing was with director of The Hub Julia Payne who told us about… more