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26th October 2020

It’s that time of year again – Ed’s putting the clocks in the studio back an… more


23rd October 2020

Some of the team have met at the virtual ‘bar’ for a pre-theatre drink before tonight’s… more


22nd October 2020

Great breakfast briefing from Alex this morning. About his work as a trustee for Drake Music…. more


20th October 2020

Kristina’s back at Cog. She interned with us last year and today’s her first day as… more


14th October 2020

Anna is presenting our first designs for a new website for Theatre by the Lake. Everyone… more


8th October 2020

Our breakfast briefing was with Chris Smith, former Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport,… more


7th October 2020

Ed’s using his lunch break to watching an AMA seminar about emerging from. the lockdown. It… more


6th October 2020

Anna and Emma are chatting about some exciting design concepts they’ve been working on. more