Cog Christmas 2015

Secret Santa speculations, Christmas drinks, pizza and doughnuts, doughnuts, doughnuts, doughnuts!

On December 17th the Cog Design Greenwich team celebrated Christmas with pizza, gin and plenty of doughnuts. The celebrations started in the studio, promptly at 5 o’clock it was pencils down and sparkle on. First on the agenda, after some photos of course, was exchanging Secret Santa gifts. Much excitement ensued as wrapping paper flew across the room and the contents were revealed and admired. Mere seconds passed before the guessing began. Who gifted the bike puncture repair kit? Who made an Instagram photo frame? Who?

The Cog team, studying the Secret Santa presents

Serious Secret Santa speculations

After much speculation, but no answers, the team headed over to Shoreditch for dinner at Pizza East. We were pretty hungry after all that Secret Santa guesswork so we ordered our starters and mains almost straight away. Much to Ross’s dismay they were out of veal bone marrow. Nonetheless we all got to enjoy a delicious meal and eat ourselves beyond full of pizza.

Then came dessert. There was a discussion of sharing desserts, unfortunately this discussion happened as the waiter was taking the order. Misunderstanding was bound to happen. Somehow we ended up with 32 doughnuts! Along with two tarts and a lemon posset. The team chuckled over receiving twice the amount of doughnuts ordered and then watched in amazement as Anna ate one full portion of eight doughnuts, partly because they were delicious and partly because she wanted to prove to the waiter that she could.

Sam and Becca enjoying a cocktail

Sam and Becca enjoying some festive cocktails

Full of drinks, doughnuts and pizza the team headed to a nearby cocktail bar to enjoy some bauble cocktails and a devil on horseback. After enjoying the festive drinks and playing with Sam’s new camera the team went for one last drink at Becca’s favourite gin bar. On our way there the Secret Santa discussion started again and continued on arrival at the gin bar, until finally a verdict was reached and the mystery solved. Cheers to that!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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