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11 Greenwich Centre Business Park,
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If you have to come by car, we have a couple of parking spaces. We have a charging point that you are welcome to use if you have an electric car. Call ahead and we'll make sure the spaces are free. Use our postcode (SE10 9QF) to guide you in.

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11 Greenwich Centre Business Park,
53 Norman Road, Greenwich
London SE10 9QF

Cog is a Certified B Corporation

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Commonwealth Foundation

Defining the meeting point of cultures

Commonwealth Foundation branding


We spent a year embedded in the Commonwealth Foundation team, providing the visual tools to communicate their rebirth

We worked hand-in-hand for many months, always looking for the most appropriate ways to bring their whole team on the branding journey.

With the knowledge we gained we built a metaphorical picture of the organisation and interrogated it, from many different perspectives, until we could define the essence of their brand.

We sketched, scribbled and stuck up as many ideas as we could think of. As key visual themes began to emerge we explored each in more detail until we had robust solutions.

We settled on a visual metaphor: the weaving of ideas, an organisation that allows different voices to come together without losing their individual identity.

We then refined and tweaked, amended, adapted and refined until we were confident of every detail.

Thanks again for your invaluable support and wise words throughout the process. You are great people to work with and we’re already very proud of our new brand and our new website.
Claire Turner, Communications Manager Commonwealth Foundation

But we didn’t just want to hand over a badge. The organisation needed a complete visual identity, a system that could be applied across the full range of their communications.

So we provided that system and all the tools they would need to bring it to life.

We helped them roll-out the branding across all of their reports, provided Powerpoint templates and even commissioned the graphics in their reception.

And of course we worked on the website: a bottom-up rethink of every aspect of how they work online.