Camille Walala at NOW Gallery

July’s Cog Night was a trip to WALALA X PLAY at North Greenwich’s NOW Gallery.

tripplebecca walala

Artist Camille Walala has packed a mind-boggling maze installation into the small space. It’s made up of poppy patterns and bright colours, with mirrors and angles to create new shapes as you walk through it.

The team arrive at NOW Gallery

This fun exhibition seems to be going for the title of most instagrammable art of the summer. Its colourful and graphic patterns photograph well at any odd angle, the mirrors mean you can get yourself in there too… what more do you need to get the likes in? It’s certainly on trend and seems to be hitting the spot with plenty of pictures popping up in my social feeds.

Photos of people taking photos of people taking photos


Can you spot Dan?

The programming at NOW Gallery is about drawing those crowds to North Greenwich, an area very much in transition. The work has to impress the customers at the sales suite selling new flats, so it needs to be bright, bold work which is fun and easy to digest as well as sitting in the relatively small space. Walala’s work is doing the job well, bringing trendy patterns and trendy selfies to this changing part of London.

Double Dan


Emily among the chevrons

We had a lot of fun taking pictures of the team. We peered round the corners, crammed into the infinite mirror room and laughed at the distortions we’d created the next day. There was also the chance to go up against the wind in a game of ping pong which Anna, Matt and Tom had some success with. All in all a fun and photogenic evening. I’m sure our social media profiles got a boost.

Tom and Anna play ping pong

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