Happy 28th Cog

To help us celebrate our 28th we’ve thrown a party at Rich Mix for our clients, friends and family. Chief party organiser, Emily gives her take on the evening.


Founded in 1991, Cog has worked with hundreds of cultural sector clients on thousands of projects to promote the power and impact of the arts. It felt like it was time to celebrate with our friends and clients.

28 might not be a traditional anniversary to celebrate but we thought it would be a good warm-up for our 30th.

With the help of the events team at Rich Mix we hired their Mix space and began planning what we needed and most importantly what food and drink we were serving on the night. With a little back and forth and a couple of visits to the space we booked all our equipment, drinks and food.

Emily and Anna visiting the Mix space

With such a big space at our disposal it gave us a chance to shout about some of our favourite work both past and present. We produced a selection of huge A0 posters to dreess the room. It was fascinating to look back on previous years and see how Cog has adapted to the digital era, moving from a primarily print focus to an ever-increasing website portfolio.

Our posters arriving

As a talking point for the evening, we also created a quiz.  Everyone at Cog had submitted a fact about themselves and hung it in the space. It was now down to our guests to match the fact to the right team member. It’s fair to say some facts were easier to guess than others.

Emily was letting Tonie know how to play

The evening was quickly upon us and it was lovely that so many people came to celebrate with us.

Michael giving his speech

After a heart-felt speech from Michael thanking his partner Jane for all her support over the years and explaining the early beginnings of Cog, we ramped up the music, put our dancing shoes on and let the party begin in earnest.

Em, Alex and Razvan catching up

It was a great night with a mixture of clients, family and ex Cog members turning up to celebrate with us. 

Gulbenkian’s Jess Thomas with Alex

The night ended with a traditional team photo, tired and emotional, outside Rich Mix, approaching midnight.

The Cog team, on the steps of Rich Mix

Thank you to everyone who came. We can’t wait for our 30th in 2021!

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