Bowhold, the brilliant Bowjangles!

For our August Cog night we visited Underbelly at Southbank, to see Bowjangles (a string quartet) perform their show Excalibow.



Usually when I think of a string quartet, I think of a formal event with the performers neatly tucked away in a corner playing unobtrusive classical tunes. But we were in for something very, very different.

This became quite clear as Bowjangles entered the tent, wielding their bows as swords, dressed as mythical cloaked warriors. We were in store for a lot more than Pachelbel’s Canon, that’s for sure!

The team enjoyed a few drinks on the lawn of Underbelly before the show!

They entertained us from the get-go with their high-energy show which saw the quartet dancing, singing and acting, leaving a lot of the audience in tears of laughter. All the time, playing their instruments beautifully!

The performance took us on a whimsical and hilarious adventure, a quest to save Ezme’s soul (she sold it to the devil for the ability to dance while playing the cello – it’s a long story). 

The show had it all. There were instruments used creatively as props, elements from Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, musical references to ABBA and Flashdance, and even a cameo from Cate Blanchett! 

The cast had such brilliant charisma and chemistry with each other which made this show a true delight to watch. 

Emily and Kristina couldn’t resist an opportunity to meet the performers after the show!

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