Self-promotional papers for AMA 2011

For the Arts Marketing Association conference in Glasgow, we made a newspaper to give to delegates.


The AMA conference is the biggest event in the arts marketing calendar. For us, it’s a huge gathering of clients and potential clients. This year it was Glasgow’s turn to host and Michael attended and represented us.

To make the most of the 2011 conference we wanted to create a piece of publicity. This is a savvy audience, we knew that a cheap flyer would just be thrown away but an expensive brochure would send all the wrong messages. We knew that there would be lots of down-time at the conference, gaps between sessions when people would be looking for a distraction to fill their time.

Our solution was to create a newspaper, filled with tips about design, web and print production. We arranged for a paper to be placed in every conference ‘goody-bag’.

Stupidly, we left it to the last minute. We made the decision to create a newspaper, three days before the deadline we had to hit in order to print and deliver it in time for the conference.


Within three days we wrote and designed the whole 20 pages publication and prepared it for print. Three days later we had 24hrs to fold and wrap enough copies to fulfill our obligation and get them couriered to the AMA in Cambridge.

Was is successful, was it worth the effort and the investment? We’ve got no idea.

We had plenty of positive feedback, people told us it was an interesting read and they kept it long after the conference, but we’ve not real, tangible reason to believe that we’ve got any work out of it, or raised our profile or changed perceptions.

Would we do it all again? Maybe but if we do, we’ll try to plan for it, a little earlier and we’d make sure we had some kind of clear method of measuring success.

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