AMA Conference 2016

Our top-tips and takeaways from the Arts Marketing Association’s 2016 Conference, titled ‘On a Mission to Matter’, held in Edinburgh.


Once again I’ve just spent three days in the company of over 600 marketing and fundraising professionals at the Arts Marketing Association’s annual conference (this year in Edinburgh). As ever, the programme was by turns inspiring, challenging and full of practical tips, including;

  • Nina Simon’s fascinating experience of opening up to new audiences at Santa Cruz’s MAH (you can buy her book here)
  • Unlimited’s no-nonsense practical guide to accessible marketing (full disclosure, they’re Cog clients, and we’re very proud to be a small part of the team)
  • A case study from the fantastic Sport England #thisgirlcan campaign

And too many other ideas, provocations and tips to mention! All week we’ve been collating and tweeting our favourite takeaways from conference sessions. You can find them all here to download (or share your favourites below). Do tweet us @cog_design with great insights we may have missed.


However good the sessions are, my favourite part of every AMA Conference is the chance to meet with delegates from organisations across the UK and beyond. I love chatting about the challenges they’re facing and what they’re doing to address them. As ever I was really, truly inspired by the expertise, dedication and passion of all those working in the arts. I’m so proud that Cog is part of this community.

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