Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


12th July 2017

The Urdang team were in the studio today to learn how to enter content into their… more


21st February 2017

Jack popped to DrinksThing (a meet-up for culture/digital folk and everyone else). Here he is with… more


1st December 2015

Michael and Ross are in Bristol, meeting about a new project with our friends at Second… more


31st March 2017

Michael is at University of Greenwich, meeting degree students and offering advice on their portfolios (and… more


22nd July 2013

We’re feeling the heat in the studio today, gone 5pm and still over 30 degrees. more


7th November 2013

Students (June, Poppy, Greg and Mini) from the Digital Design and Branding MSc at Brunel, popped… more


7th September 2012

Michael has been to the Culture Geek conference, here he is with his goodie bag, which… more


5th May 2017

Peter and James, from Soho Theatre, are here to ‘discuss design’ for their new website. more


30th November 2015

Michael’s at a board meeting of the National Campaign for the Arts, talking about the recent… more


22nd December 2016

In a break from tradition, Michael is letting Melissa defrost the freezer as part of our… more


12th November 2015

Jenny has just received the new Studio brochures in the post from The Marlowe Theatre. … more


7th July 2011

We number our proofs but when he reached proof number 19, Ocky abandoned that approach. more


22nd August 2014

Choices, choices. Heather Clark Charrington, from English National Ballet, is here to look over the results… more


17th July 2013

We’ve been putting big holes on our desks to run wires and what not through. Michael… more


31st October 2014

It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Adrian (from Apple Colour) has driven all the way from Bristol… more


27th November 2013

This is David Brownlee on the stairs at SOLT/TMA. This might be the last time you’ll… more


16th June 2014

Ocky’s enlisted the help of some new friends to get the poses he’s been sketching just… more


26th October 2012

We’ve had decorators in to discuss sprucing up the Studio, but don’t worry, we’re not going… more


23rd August 2012

We’re having some IT issues today, have been told we need to “make sure Ping traffic… more

Our Annual Reports for Arts Council England

20th August 2014

Mike’s taken delivery of our Arts Council Annual Review file copies – we’re building quite a… more


20th July 2017

It’s Cog Night. We’re at Now Gallery for Camille Walala’s WALALA x PLAY more


25th October 2012

Today we had our monthly team lunch, halloween style. Nicola won best costume (she wore coloured… more


30th October 2012

We’ve just had delivery of the 2011 Brand New Awards book, Ross is enjoying having a… more


22nd February 2017

It’s late in the evening and we’re here detailing the design snagging of a new site… more


8th August 2012

We’re putting together a pack of different digital camera kit for a photoshoot. Our Olympus Pen… more