Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


14th November 2012

Michael and Ocky have been to Havells Sylvania today to talk about some interesting follow up… more


29th July 2016

Melissa is making every corner of the office a brighter place, including our mind map men’s… more


24th October 2012

Ocky spent the morning meeting with the Charles Dickens Museum team about their upcoming relaunch. Looks… more


31st October 2014

It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Adrian (from Apple Colour) has driven all the way from Bristol… more


3rd October 2011

The constant march towards the latest software continues. Today we finiashed the studio upgrade to Adobe… more


Cog World Cup 2014

After a hugely successful 2010, our World Cup sweepstake returns for the tournament in Brazil. more


25th November 2014

Alex and Kate from Creative United popped in to chat about new projects (they weren’t really… more


12th January 2012

Branding was big news today, with news of a dropped apostrophe at Waterstone’s / Waterstones. more


17th December 2012

We’ve received this great christmas card from team at Marc & Anna, it came accompanied by… more


7th May 2015

We think Razvan, Ross and Zoltan may have discussed their outfits before coming to work today. more


5th September 2014

The Tall Ships may be gathering near our studio, ahead of the big festival in Greenwich…. more


26th May 2015

We are really pleased with the new Art on The Underground website. We think it looks… more


19th March 2014

We are the number one small agency in UK. In The Drum’s review we are #1… more


19th May 2017

Jack at Culture Geek geeking out with Mar Dixon, Chris from Royal Opera House and Will… more


7th November 2016

Becca’s at the Spektrix conference at Lyric Hammersmith today. It’s a hive of ideas and networking,… more


11th May 2017

Anna can’t wait to get stuck into some hands-on binding for a client. more


6th June 2012

John has been experimenting with some photographic techniques in the studio today. A torch, a tripod… more


17th June 2016

Happy Icelandic Independence Day! In honour of Sæunn and her intriguing country of origin, we have… more


5th May 2015

Razvan has arrived in London. Becca and Erica are taking him around Greenwich to see some… more


10th October 2012

We’ve just been to see the t-shirts being printed, for next week’s Modulator launch event at… more


4th November 2014

Today is an important date in the company calendar. The day Ocky buys his first Christmas… more


10th January 2014

We’ve been excited about a project we’ve been working on for the past couple of months… more


Turner Contemporary

We’ve been working with the wonderful Turner Contemporary since before the iconic gallery opened in 2010…. more