Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


11th March 2013

Ross has been to Westiminster Abbey, for the Commonwealth Observance. Unfortunately the Queen couldn’t make it… more


15th March 2013

Michael’s been to TMA. In one of their rooms he found Gemma, frantically fulfilling orders for… more


30th April 2012

The first sighting of our new campaign for the British Library’s Writing Britain exhibition, at Angel… more


18th December 2014

It’s relatively mild but we’re still shivering as Lydia takes the roll-call during our fire-drill. more


1st August 2011

Longest phone call ever! John taking type corrections (from The Marlowe Theatre), over the phone, for… more


11th May 2018

Jack’s been in Nottingham today taking in Nottingham Contemporary’s latest exhibition, The House of Fame. more


18th July 2012

From our studio we can see the entrance to Greenwich station, which has been decorated with… more


8th July 2013

Annelise went down to Greenwich Park on her lunch break this afternoon. It’s looking especially beautiful… more


7th August 2015

‘To caff, or not to caff, that is the question.’ The great coffee debate continues when… more


2nd November 2017

Becca and Anna were at London Aquarium for South Bank BID’s annual party and magazine launch…. more


7th April 2017

Croissants, cake and Coke Zero. We’re meeting with Dan from English National Ballet, chatting about their… more


20th May 2011

A day trip to Birmingham for a credentials pitch to a potential new client. more


24th June 2011

Cognight. Our monthly cultural outing. This time to hear Simon Schama’s recollections of the Festival of… more


22nd April 2015

Jenny and Laura checked out lots of interesting paper samples at the Arjowiggins pop-up exhibition more


6th June 2012

John has been experimenting with some photographic techniques in the studio today. A torch, a tripod… more


11th April 2014

Michael is now a proud Professional member of UK Theatre. Here he is showing off his… more


11th June 2014

The team are trying to get their stern referee faces on for our World Cup sweepstake… more


19th July 2011

The launch of the newly redesigned site for the Incorporated Society of Musicians. more


8th October 2014

We’ve just received a lovely new book from Art On The Underground, Sam’s the first to… more


19th January 2017

We’re at Soho Theatre for our January Cog Night, that’s Richard Gadd peering over our shoulders. more


18th April 2012

Lunchtime and a flying visit from Clair Chamberlain and Tom Large from (the exceptional arts PR… more


31st August 2017

It’s Cog Night! We’re at the Banqueting Hall experiencing the hidden history of The Lost Palace…. more


23rd April 2014

Tonight’s Cog Night was a trip to the Roundhouse (to see some Circus Geeks). We were… more


21st February 2012

Shrove Tuesday. Ocky and John chose an unusual filling, they melted a Snickers bar into their… more


25th June 2014

It’s Michael’s birthday. While he was still opening his card, Ocky wasted no time getting stuck… more