Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


25th November 2015

There are lots of dictionary stands and wrapped up Peroni boxes behind the scenes at our… more


1st April 2016

Font of happiness. Melissa just installed a new fountain for the fishies. more


25th August 2015

Jenny’s been showing off her free postcard pack from this weeks ‘Screen Unseen’ at Odeon –… more


8th February 2016

Jenny’s donned the headset. It must be time to take detailed amends for the latest season… more


7th January 2013

Mike and Michael are at a meeting with SOLT/TMA, in their swanky Covent Garden offices. L… more


20th June 2014

Ross was in the National Maritime Museum Gardens for Muaré, the opening night spectacular of Greenwich… more


23rd January 2012

First client meeting of the week was with Wonderbird’s Jo Hunter and Rosanna Marsh, talking about… more


Merry Xmas 2014

We’ve made a short video to say Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from all in… more


Garden Party

It seems like months since the idea of an indoor party came to us; it definitely… more


31st July 2017

The team are having a catch up to discuss design options for The National Archives. more


16th May 2013

We’ve been sent a Yellow Swan (number 000349) by designer Alessandra Caputi. It’s part of an… more


14th October 2016

It’s lovely to have Katherine and Adam here from Royal College of Music. Hobnobs just sweeten… more


12th July 2016

Sæunn’s organising the studio’s coffee supply… To paraphrase the Blues Brothers: This is coffee. Strong stuff. more


4th November 2014

Today is an important date in the company calendar. The day Ocky buys his first Christmas… more


7th December 2017

Michael popped in to pick up some posters from our friends at South Bank Employers Group…. more


17th January 2018

It’s IT time again. Chris is here to expand our storage, run diagnostics and keep us… more


7th August 2014

Our studio is next to an overgrown railway embankment. There are blackberry bushes growing as high… more


19th July 2013

Michael’s been to the Midlands. He came across an old foe on the wall of mac… more


5th November 2015

Recovering from a foot operation, the rest of the Cog team have sent Becca their best… more


18th August 2016

Michael’s in Hammersmith for a first meeting with new clients, Lyric. Catrin John gave him a… more


5th November 2012

Ocky was lucky enough to be given a tour of the Charles Dickens Museum, now entering… more


5th August 2013

Ocky will be pleased, we’ve just received file copies of this visitor leaflet we’ve designed for… more


21st March 2014

Nicola’s been here for just over a week. She’s already settled in brilliantly and is making… more


7th December 2012

Kim, from the ISM, is visiting the studio today. She’s running through the ISM’s quarterly Music… more