Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


18th August 2016

Michael’s in Hammersmith for a first meeting with new clients, Lyric. Catrin John gave him a… more


10th September 2013

Geordie Dave’s back in the studio for the next few weeks. We’ve already told the milkman… more


22nd November 2011

Michael and Mike have been to the Society of London Theatre, presenting initial ideas for a… more


23rd May 2012

Abi Knipe, from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, has been in to see Ocky and Michael today. She’s… more


15th August 2016

Deliberation and discussions… decisions need to be made about the next issue of our Cultural Calendar. more


25th June 2012

It’s Michael’s birthday and he seems particularly pleased with his birthday badge. We are celebrating the… more


8th January 2014

Ross is taking advantage of our floor-to-ceiling pinboards. This is an online project but there’s no… more


9th May 2014

Michael’s at Collect, at the Saatchi Gallery. He bumped into Femke from Crafts Council, looking at… more


7th April 2016

Michael’s visiting Pollitt & Co. to soak up the atmosphere and hear more about what’s kept… more


20th September 2012

Joe, Michael and Ocky have spent the afternoon chatting through initial ideas for a branding project,… more


8th January 2013

We have a new IT support company, Chris from GenSys is here today making our computers… more


6th December 2011

Michael’s been to the panto in Canterbury: press night at Cinderella. The Marlowe’s Ben and Helene… more


24th June 2015

Michael’s at King’s Maths School, meeting with Head Teacher, Dan Abramson. Dan indulged him by doing… more


26th June 2014

Joe’s been here four days and he’s already been on a Cog Night and written a… more


16th June 2014

Ocky’s enlisted the help of some new friends to get the poses he’s been sketching just… more


3rd May 2012

Michael’s at Design Business Association, meeting with (L to R) Sally Lukins, Sarah Dutton and Natalie… more


8th October 2015

There’s no substitute for seeing things at full size. Here’s Anna working on a drinks list… more


13th April 2015

Taking advantage of Michael’s UK Theatre membership, he and Becca have booked a booth in their… more


17th January 2013

Hannah and Marie, from Kew Gardens, came to the studio today to begin working with us… more


3rd August 2016

Matt, Becca and Sæunn went to Graeae’s London 2012 Paralympics panel event at the National Theatre…. more