Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


8th May 2015

Michael and Ross are at the private view for Collect 15, the international craft fair presented… more


12th July 2016

Sæunn’s organising the studio’s coffee supply… To paraphrase the Blues Brothers: This is coffee. Strong stuff. more


24th March 2017

Gangi þér vel Sæunn. Our Icelandic PM is off on new adventures in Oxfordshire. more


2nd March 2012

It’s our slightly delayed February Cog Night. Illuminate, a celebration of illustration at British Library. more


7th January 2014

We’ve got new security software on our computers. It’s so stealthy that Michael still hasn’t realised… more


28th November 2013

Ross is busy talking Annelise and Michael through the site map he’s working on for our… more


24th October 2017

Anna’s brought in her coffee and walnut buns for her entry into the Cog Bake Off…. more


23rd December 2011

It’s the last official working day before Xmas, and our last of 2011. We’ll be back… more


28th August 2013

Michael, Mike and Annelise popped into a cafe for a quick debrief, with Michael and Nadine… more


9th August 2011

A palpable tension in SE10. Shops and banks closed early as gangs of potential rioters reportedly… more


23rd May 2017

Oooh, embossing. Our latest piece if print, for King’s College London, has just arrived in the… more


10th September 2012

Michael has been to the Beaney, here are real people using the Wayfinding signage we’ve designed…. more


3rd November 2014

There are mysterious men sitting in our reception. Rumor has it they are from The Stage. more


11th January 2012

We’re working on a big signage and wayfinding project; Mike spent the day getting us up… more


15th March 2017

We’re at Spektrix, with The Marlowe team, talking purchase paths and event instances. more


9th October 2012

Ocky is poised and ready to go through amends with John Baker for the Marlowe Theatre… more


6th June 2012

John has been experimenting with some photographic techniques in the studio today. A torch, a tripod… more


30th October 2015

After seven months of work, we’re almost finished working on a special book for the Dickson… more


Simon Schama

The event fell into two parts. The first was an illustrated talk by Schama about his… more


20th July 2017

It’s Cog Night. We’re at Now Gallery for Camille Walala’s WALALA x PLAY more


5th April 2012

Nicola bought us all eggs, Michael got us wind-up chicks. Here they are, in our garden… more


Crying Out Loud

When Crying Out Loud was formed, in 2003, we designed their branding, launch brochure and website…. more