Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


16th April 2012

Kick-off meeting with a new client. Michael and John in Cambridge for an early morning meeting… more


21st December 2012

Jonathan is taking advantage of a window of downtime, to rehang our gallery of past glories. more


27th January 2016

Spectacular. The Cog women are all modelling sample frames from Sam’s selection box. more


22nd November 2012

Mike and Michael are at The Commonwealth Foundation, pouring over the detail of their new brand… more


14th November 2014

It’s chilly in the studio. It doesn’t look like his 5pm gin-on-the-rocks is warming Joe up. more


8th May 2014

Michael and Ross have been to the wilds of west London, for a kick off meeting… more


24th February 2014

We’ve been sorting out our old file copies this morning. Ocky’s understandably protective of the last… more


30th November 2015

Michael’s at a board meeting of the National Campaign for the Arts, talking about the recent… more


24th October 2012

Ocky spent the morning meeting with the Charles Dickens Museum team about their upcoming relaunch. Looks… more


29th November 2017

Jack and Tom had a meeting with the team at Jerwood Charitable Foundation followed by a… more


22nd September 2011

This month’s Cog Night was a trip to the Twombly & Poussin exhibition at Dulwich Picture… more


2nd May 2012

Michael is at the Royal Academy of Dance to chat about continuing professional development – theirs… more


20th May 2015

It’s Clerkenwell Design Week and Michael, Ross and Becca and in the area, visiting DesignStudio’s open-house…. more


22nd July 2013

We’re feeling the heat in the studio today, gone 5pm and still over 30 degrees. more


27th March 2012

We’ve finally got a proper Facebook page. Nicola has spent the day moving images from our… more


18th June 2012

A thank you gift from Jamila and holiday gift from Ocky, we’ve got our chocolate fix… more


16th April 2013

Mike’s been looking at paper samples today for a project we are working on for Arts… more


14th October 2013

Dave’s busy sketching ideas for our new website, but we’re keeping them a closely guarded… more


23rd October 2012

We have another new member to the Cog team. Ross Granger joins us today, moving all… more


16th November 2012

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas… Today we’ve picked names out of “the hat”… more


8th August 2017

Michael’s at King’s College London, meeting Oliver Stannard and Katherine Bond, Director of their Cultural Institute. more


8th June 2016

Michael and Sam are meeting a potential new client, in a swanky West End club. more