Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


8th November 2016

Ben’s doing a spot of DIY with his makeshift spirit level. Soon we’ll be showing off… more


1st May 2014

Spring cleaning in the studio today. These filing cabinets are going on freecycle. Obviously we’ll need… more


23rd July 2013

Michael’s in Canterbury, running a workshop with The Marlowe Theatre team. There were some pretty intense… more


7th March 2017

Becca and Michael are at Lux, meeting about the website we’ve just launched for them. … more


24th July 2015

The team from the Family Arts Campaign came in to use our meeting room, so Sam… more


25th June 2013

The team from Making Music popped in this morning. Their head of membership, Barbara Eifler, appeared… more


3rd February 2015

Michael and Becca are at Serpentine Galleries to meet with Poppy and Rose. They’ve popped in… more


1st October 2015

Michael’s exercising our right to vote at the AGM of the Design Business Association. Here’s Chief… more


8th August 2013

Mike’s been making props this week using foam board and a scalpel. We’re a bit worried… more


27th July 2012

The Olympics are here, the opening ceremony is just a few hours away and there are… more


29th November 2017

Jack and Tom had a meeting with the team at Jerwood Charitable Foundation followed by a… more


1st July 2011

Cognight at Design Museum for the Wim Crouwel exhibition and Summer Party. more


30th July 2013

We’ve been busy pinning ideas and designs on our creative room walls, and today, Ashley from… more


29th August 2017

Gianfranco is here, from the Lovie Awards, talking to us about the Risk and Reward of… more


31st October 2011

Michael is back from Greece. He’s tried to help out the Greek economy by paying far… more


11th January 2016

Becca is meeting artist Joy Gregory and her assistant Louise to show them round the new… more


14th November 2016

Not a mysterious monolith, but a cozy couch being relocated through the studio… we’re evolving our… more


10th August 2012

Michael has been to Canterbury again today. This time as the wayfinding signs for the Beaney… more


9th August 2011

A palpable tension in SE10. Shops and banks closed early as gangs of potential rioters reportedly… more


24th November 2017

Emily is rushing to the post-office. She’s sending proofs back to the printers of this year’s… more