Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


5th October 2015

Jenny’s been taking amends for the next season brochure for The Marlowe Theatre. She’s all smiles,… more


1st February 2017

Dan is our animation expert. He’s putting the finishing touches to a presentation we’re giving tomorrow. more


16th December 2014

Lydia made us a crazy advent calendar loosely based on the 12 days of Christmas. Today… more


11th May 2012

Our studio goldfish was looking a little lonely, so today, we got him 3 new friends. more


30th January 2012

On the mantle, at the Incorporated Society of Musicians, Michael spotted the DBA Design Effectiveness Award… more


6th September 2012

John, Michael and Mike have been to the Commonwealth Foundation, where they have been treated with… more


22nd May 2013

Annelise has been to the DBA Effectiveness 365 Seminar. There were insightful talks from design agencies… more


28th February 2013

We went to The Green Café in Greenwich, for our monthly Cog Lunch. Whilst waiting for… more


20th November 2012

We’re thrilled with the Spring Season Brochure and Spotlight Magazine we’ve designed for The Marlowe Theatre. more


4th September 2014

Michael’s in Cambridge, visiting clients and talking about new projects. They met in a swanky members… more


28th June 2011

Canadian student and illustrator, Anthony Gerace, has joined us for the summer. more


12th August 2013

Mike and Annelise have been working at a photoshoot today with photographer Eric Richmond, a makeup… more


9th November 2015

We’ve had a sparkly new, bigger, better scanner. Bryony has found the perfect place to put… more


14th June 2013

Mike’s accidentally pressed the ‘get information about all the pictures in the Arts Council England Annual… more


20th January 2017

Early morning in Dalston. Michael and Jack popped in for coffee, croissants and chat with the… more


8th February 2016

Jenny’s donned the headset. It must be time to take detailed amends for the latest season… more


10th January 2013

Hannah Thomas and Claire Turner from the Commonwealth Foundation are here today meeting with Michael and… more


18th August 2011

Michael received this lovely invite to The Marlowe’s gala opening, featuring the logo we designed, many… more


26th May 2017

Today is the start of the Greenwich Book Festival. Emily is marking the occasion by tidying… more


8th January 2015

Lydia is taking it easy with a literary, lounging, lunch. She was so engrossed in finishing… more