Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


20th June 2012

Michael has been to visit our clients at the Commonwealth Foundation in Marlborough House, where photography… more


19th June 2012

Tonight was our monthly Cog Night, and we went to Up the Creek in Greenwich, to… more


18th June 2012

A thank you gift from Jamila and holiday gift from Ocky, we’ve got our chocolate fix… more


15th June 2012

Jamila turns 17 on Saturday, this makes the Cog team all feel very old, but you’re… more


14th June 2012

Mike and Michael are in Canterbury. Krystyna, from The Beaney, is talking through her vision for… more


13th June 2012

Today marks Nicola’s 3 month anniversary as a Cogger. To celebrate, we have given her, her… more


12th June 2012

This week we have Jamila here in the studio on work experience. Day number two and… more


11th June 2012

These Mid 19th Century maps have arrived in the studio for a project we are working… more


8th June 2012

Whilst looking for some old maps in a little bookshop in Greenwich, Nicola came accross these… more


7th June 2012

Mohammad has been back in the studio today making sure our computers are all shipshape and… more


6th June 2012

John has been experimenting with some photographic techniques in the studio today. A torch, a tripod… more


1st June 2012

We’re not ones to get distracted by the upcoming four day weekend and Jubilee celebrations, but… more


31st May 2012

Michael has been out and about visiting clients today. On his travels saw lots of flags… more


30th May 2012

Continuing our year long 21st Anniversary celebrations, we got together to chat about the team, our… more


29th May 2012

Today the Cambridge Corn Exchange team have been in to the studio to see the initial… more