Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


22nd August 2012

It’s a good day when we are commended for our work. Alison from Antalis McNaughton came… more


21st August 2012

We’ve received our file copies for the latest edition of The Marlowe Friends membership magazine, Spotlight…. more


17th August 2012

George surprised the team today with this fantastic selection of cakes, he’s quickly figured out how… more


16th August 2012

Lesa, Kully and Michael came down from Doncaster to our studio today. We had a really… more


15th August 2012

Another trip to the Beaney for Michael, this time our wayfinding signage has, mostly, been installed…. more


14th August 2012

All day meetings in the studio require plenty of fuel, we’ve stocked up on fruit and… more


13th August 2012

George has started with the Cog team today, he’s originally from the Lake District, so Mike… more


10th August 2012

Michael has been to Canterbury again today. This time as the wayfinding signs for the Beaney… more


9th August 2012

Michael’s visiting the light sculptor / art engineer, Jason Bruges at his studio in Old Street…. more


8th August 2012

We’re putting together a pack of different digital camera kit for a photoshoot. Our Olympus Pen… more


7th August 2012

We’re a week away from installation of the wayfinding system we’ve created for The Beaney in… more


6th August 2012

Today, we spotted the first piece of off-brand Olympic signage. This wonderfully practical addition is on… more


3rd August 2012

Michael has been visiting clients near Trafalgar Square today, it was 26 days 7 hours 5… more