Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


14th May 2012

John’s subtle note to make sure research, for the Cambridge Corn Exchange rebrand, doesn’t get muddled… more


11th May 2012

Our studio goldfish was looking a little lonely, so today, we got him 3 new friends. more


10th May 2012

Michael and Ocky are at the opening of British Library’s Writing Britain exhibition. You’ll find them… more


9th May 2012

Ocky and Michael are at the Southbank, meeting with John Baker from The Marlowe Theatre. Here’s… more


8th May 2012

Michael and John, discussing the results of the brand workshop we held for the Cambridge Corn… more


4th May 2012

It’s our 21st anniversary. At the end of our celebratory meal, John and Ocky are experimenting… more


3rd May 2012

Michael’s at Design Business Association, meeting with (L to R) Sally Lukins, Sarah Dutton and Natalie… more


2nd May 2012

Michael is at the Royal Academy of Dance to chat about continuing professional development – theirs… more


1st May 2012

An unexpected surprise. We’d kind of forgotten that Ben Travis and Helene Skoge, from The Marlowe,… more


30th April 2012

The first sighting of our new campaign for the British Library’s Writing Britain exhibition, at Angel… more


27th April 2012

Sometimes, design can cause frustration. Today, we received this card to thank us for our patience… more


26th April 2012

Thursday night is football night for Dave. Kit on, fuel in hand, he rushes out and… more


25th April 2012

Just arrived from Poland, the most recent of our series of CD designs for the composer… more


24th April 2012

John, projecting type onto folded paper and photographing the result. Techy-kit, typography and mucking about. more


23rd April 2012

John and JMW Turner’s birthday. One said ‘the sun is God’ the other is our Little… more