Journal entries ordered by “Everyday Cog”


24th October 2019

This morning’s ‘sharing’ (led by Razvan, who is here from Romania for a few days) was… more


22nd October 2019

We have a winner. Congratulations to Anna for taking our Cog Bake-off prize for 2019. more


21st October 2019

With so many different kinds of tea we’ve been having some colourful tea rounds in the… more


17th October 2019

We’re in Coventry, running a web workshop with the lovely team at Belgrade Theatre. more


16th October 2019

The Comedy Store team are here. Anna is showing initial design ideas for a new website. more


9th October 2019

Susan, Rob, Kheya and Lola, from the New Left Review are here to chat with Michael. more


8th October 2019

Anna has bought us back an Irish treat from her travels, a traditional Porter Cake. more


18th September 2019

We’ve got some beautifully designed, perfect-for-purpose, on-brand bins for the tiny amounts of non-recyclable rubbish we… more


17th September 2019

Daisy and Claire are looking through the new Acceptance in Lieu reports that we designed for… more