Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


7th March 2018

Today is all about English National Ballet. Sofie is here to learn more about how to… more


20th December 2018

Michael’s at the University of the Year (according to ‘The’ awards), chatting to their employment team… more


27th January 2016

Spectacular. The Cog women are all modelling sample frames from Sam’s selection box. more


13th April 2016

The comms and computers team, from Royal College of Music, are here to start planning their… more


21st September 2018

Jack’s speaking at the Spektrix conference next week up in Leeds. He’s on a big conference… more


25th June 2015

Not being a fan of cake, a birthday pizza seemed the only logical solution. Happy birthday… more

21_Mar_18_AMA networking event

21st March 2018

In his role as Member Rep for the Arts Marketing Association, Jack’s hosting a networking event… more


19th April 2017

John, Helene and Ben from The Marlowe are here. Becca is guiding them through the backstage… more


6th September 2016

Sam, Anna and Michael are in Hammersmith, at Lyric, kicking off their new website project with… more


6th July 2011

Another busy day, another toner cartridge emptied. We really should get round to sending them for… more


12th January 2018

Emily’s written a journal entry about being our appointed first-aid person. We’re taking photos to illustrate… more


10th March 2016

We could’t figure out why our highest ranking on Spotify was by Red Hot Chilli Peppers,… more


5th January 2016

We’re packing up Christmas. The giant red bauble is back in its box for another year. more


20th August 2015

Michael and Jenny are in an epic meeting with most of the staff from The Marlowe… more


30th October 2012

We’ve just had delivery of the 2011 Brand New Awards book, Ross is enjoying having a… more


9th August 2013

Mike’s been working long days and into the nights preparing for a photoshoot on Monday. We’ve… more


23rd June 2011

A huge, red, ‘signed off’ email, the official approaval for a new website project’s designs. more


19th March 2012

This is Dan Bown (no jokes about the Illuminati please). Today is his first day with… more


5th May 2011

First meeting with our new client, Sylvia, from Arts Council England. more


2nd April 2013

Dolly Parton made an appearance in the studio today, in the form of the front cover… more


13th May 2016

A very sad goodbye to the one and only Ross Granger. Though he looks quite happy… more


18th March 2013

Continuing with our studio revamp, we’ve said goodbye to our old desks and drawers and replaced… more


8th March 2018

Matt and Michael have been running a communications workshop at the Reading Agency. They had pulled… more