Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


16th June 2017

Our indoor garden needs a fair amount of maintenance. Green-fingered Emily does the business for us. more


15th October 2014

Ex-Cogger John Burton was up in London (from his ABO studio in Bournemouth) for a cup… more


11th July 2014

‘Alas, poor Yulerick, I knew him well…’ We’ve taken delivery of some glittery baubles this afternoon… more


9th September 2013

Ashley from Stars Foundation and Michael and Nadine from Tincan are back in the studio today… more


12th December 2011

Letterpress signs, created for The Charles Dickens Museum, hand-printed by Ocky’s aunt. more


22nd June 2017

Goldsmith’s photography student, Anna, is on a work placement with our friends at Crying Out Loud…. more


22nd December 2016

In a break from tradition, Michael is letting Melissa defrost the freezer as part of our… more


11th January 2019

Michael and Emily K (and ex-Cogger Dan) are at Science Gallery for the launch of the… more


16th January 2012

Ocky’s been working with a sign-writer to create this hand-painted, removable sign for outside the Charles… more


9th May 2013

Ross has been to the Commonwealth Foundation today. He’s been taking some measurements of their reception… more


5th March 2014

We may be a day late with our pancakes but Mike’s no less enthusiastic about his… more


25th January 2018

Becca, Jack and Michael are at Soho Theatre, meeting with Peter and James, celebrating the success… more


15th January 2015

Michael, Ocky and Sam are running a communications workshop. It’s the second pub-based activity with Musical… more


19th November 2018

We’ve been converted to a photo studio for the day – we’re bathed in purple light… more


22nd September 2016

Exit through the gift shop. Michael popped in for a sneaky look round London Transport Museum,… more


19th July 2012

Two more branding workshops in Doncaster today, this time for the Council teams and local creative… more


2nd January 2015

It’s oh so quiet…it’s oh so still… there’s just three of us here. It’s so peaceful… more


13th January 2017

A surprise visit from Sam Scott Wood and her handsome (and surprisingly well behaved) son, Jesse. more