Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


1st December 2011

The first day of advent and we’ve opened our advent tea selection – a different tea-bag… more


18th June 2020

Jazz and content management. Razvan’s been talking to us about the various incarnations fo WordPress, each… more


13th May 2014

Michael was at the Kronos Quartet’s 40th anniversary concert at Barbican. more


12th July 2016

Sæunn’s organising the studio’s coffee supply… To paraphrase the Blues Brothers: This is coffee. Strong stuff. more


11th November 2013

Today, Michael and Ocky are chatting through ideas and getting inspired in our creative room. more


15th July 2011

Our first meeting with new client Rosanna Marsh of Naomi Russell and Partners. more


8th January 2014

Ross is taking advantage of our floor-to-ceiling pinboards. This is an online project but there’s no… more


29th March 2019

It’s Emily K’s last day so we’ve got her a pile of gifts to wish all… more


1st July 2014

We’ve had a go at the #CopaUppy challenge today. Here’s Mike, our reigning champion, with a… more


4th May 2017

Michael has bought along some fruitastic nibbles for the team today. more


29th April 2016

Adrian’s driven up from Apple Colour in Bristol, with a proof for Anna to check. more


7th October 2016

Michael’s at The Beaney, in Canterbury, for the opening of their exhibition of Grayson Perry’s The… more


14th February 2012

Ocky is still ill so Michael gave the presentation at the British Library. They kindly posed… more


15th April 2010

Cog Night at Wellcome Collection. We’re here to see Pressure Drop, a new play from Billy… more


15th July 2016

Like everyone else, we’ve become obsessed with Pokémon. Here’s Michael showing Matt and Saeunn the Gastly… more


6th February 2014

Michael and Ocky are at the British Library for a catch up meeting about an ongoing… more


Cog Christmas 2016

It’s Christmas and don’t we know it. The Cog studio is filled with festive songs, all… more


20th November 2015

Bryony is deciding the best way to chop lemons for our lemony water: chunks, slices or… more


11th March 2015

Michael is at the Royal Society of the Arts where the great and the good of… more


28th June 2011

Canadian student and illustrator, Anthony Gerace, has joined us for the summer. more


Turner & The Sea

One of the benefits of working in the culture and heritage world is that you get… more