Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


10th April 2012

Our studio has been dominated by the design of the latest season brochure for The Marlowe… more


24th August 2016

Today we had an “emoji design workshop” inspired by Arts Council England’s #70things challenge. So we… more


16th October 2019

The Comedy Store team are here. Anna is showing initial design ideas for a new website. more


14th December 2020

The team were excited to find festive deliveries when they came into the studio this morning. more


4th January 2019

It’s a sad day in the studio for Emily R as our Christmas baubles get packed… more


25th October 2012

Today we had our monthly team lunch, halloween style. Nicola won best costume (she wore coloured… more


20th April 2015

Michael and Sam are at the Museum of the Order of St John. Here’s Sam meeting… more


26th June 2013

Today we had our monthly Cog Lunch, and it was an extra special one as it’s… more


9th April 2019

Michael’s at the RSA, chatting about the National Campaign for the Arts with fellow board member,… more


7th July 2021

Ed was sitting in Greenwich wondering how the Cutty Sark gets cleaned. Then a man with… more


14th February 2012

Ocky is still ill so Michael gave the presentation at the British Library. They kindly posed… more


6th June 2018

Jack and Michael are meeting with Jen at Rick Mix for a kick-off meeting about a… more


10th November 2016

Looking towards the blue sky, as rain pelts us from above. The contrasting weather brings a… more


28th March 2019

Jack, Anna and Michael are at the RSA, chatting with Dion and Amy, from Lyric Hammersmith…. more


28th June 2017

It’s Cog Night. We’re all at Battersea Arts Centre for Forced Entertainment’s show, Dirty Work (The… more


Crying Out Loud

When Crying Out Loud was formed, in 2003, we designed their branding, launch brochure and website…. more


6th October 2011

2nd site in 2 days. Tonight is the opening of Open, Dryden Goodwin’s latest project, at… more