Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


25th August 2015

Jenny’s been showing off her free postcard pack from this weeks ‘Screen Unseen’ at Odeon –… more


29th October 2015

Wine, crisps and quizzing. Jenny, Sam, Bryony, Sæunn and Michael are at the Museum of the… more


12th October 2016

Anna’s a huge fan of colour. She may also be hiding her blushing as Michael raises… more


23rd February 2015

Michael had a visit from Neil Griffiths. Neil is one of the co-founders of Arts Emergency… more


8th August 2018

Anna’s going through lots and lots of post-its we gathered during a recent workshop. more


8th December 2015

Michael’s popped in to The Corner Shop PR to meet with long-time Cog friend, Clair Chamberlain. more


26th June 2017

Emergency action in the office: Until a leak is fixed, Emily is bailing out the pond… more


2nd September 2011

Michael’s venue of choice for informal meetings. This week he met Sydney Thornbury (new CEO at… more


25th November 2015

There are lots of dictionary stands and wrapped up Peroni boxes behind the scenes at our… more


25th January 2013

Nicola’s forgotten a change of shoes, so she’s had to wear her wellies all day. She’s… more


20th January 2012

Michael’s computer is deleting and removing incoming email. We don’t know what’s wrong but the problem… more


20th October 2016

English National Ballet’s Daniel and Heather are here to look through their latest website designs. more


19th May 2011

Working on our new site, Jack needs a lot of fuel to power his web-coding brain. more


6th December 2011

Michael’s been to the panto in Canterbury: press night at Cinderella. The Marlowe’s Ben and Helene… more


23rd May 2012

Abi Knipe, from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, has been in to see Ocky and Michael today. She’s… more


14th February 2018

Michael’s on his way to Manchester with Cathy and Janice from The Cogency. Not sure how… more


17th February 2017

Our monthly shopping delivery has arrived. Becca’s playing with the bottles – not so much beer googles,… more


16th July 2013

Emily Rozan has joined the Cog team for the next couple of weeks, on a placement… more


23rd July 2015

It’s National Hot Dog Day! (Yes, seriously.) so we took the opportunity to tuck into some… more


31st May 2016

It’s a soggy return to the studio after the long weekend. Anna’s prepared with her favourite… more


29th October 2013

We’ve designed a report for the Commonwealth Foundation. File copies have just been delivered so Dave… more


4th September 2014

Michael’s in Cambridge, visiting clients and talking about new projects. They met in a swanky members… more


3rd April 2017

Welcome back from Madeira Matt – the cake is being well received in the studio! more