Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


5th December 2011

Sony have sent us this triple platinum album, awarded for John’s design of the anthology -… more


29th February 2016

Here’s Ross, demonstrating a metaphor: sometimes, as a designer, you have to juggle lots of different… more


8th March 2017

It’s International Women’s Day. Our women are at Sadler’s Wells, seeing Company Wayne McGregor. more


4th December 2013

For a change of scenery, Annelise, Ross and Michael are meeting with the Tincan team at… more


23rd July 2012

A wonderful warm day in Greenwich today, we’re fully prepared and keeping cool. more


21st February 2018

We’ve designed a review for the Wimbledon Foundation. Hard copies have just arrived so Dan’s having… more


23rd October 2012

We have another new member to the Cog team. Ross Granger joins us today, moving all… more


17th June 2019

Laxmi’s intern is drawing to an end so she’s made the Cog team a Suminagashi marbled… more


1st December 2014

All smiles at UK Theatre. Michael’s meeting Gemma and David to recap on the success of… more


2nd May 2014

It’s our financial year-end so Michael’s at our accountants for the day. Here’s Mark and Hazel… more


16th October 2012

Michael went to the opening of the Art of Frankenweenie exhibition, he was a little intimidated… more


12th June 2014

Summer’s here so we’ve switched on our industrial-strength fans. Donna seems to have been taken by… more


3rd February 2012

Out in Greenwich we spotted this display of our posters (for Dickens and London, at Museum… more


1st August 2013

Ross joined staff and volunteers from Making Music this afternoon, on their training day at King’s… more


We are here

Could this exceptional project shape attitudes towards public investment in the arts?

On 1st July 2016… more


26th November 2015

Michael’s at a Typographic Circle talk from Bruno Maag (Director of the type company, Dalton Maag). more