Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


25th October 2012

Today we had our monthly team lunch, halloween style. Nicola won best costume (she wore coloured… more


11th July 2014

‘Alas, poor Yulerick, I knew him well…’ We’ve taken delivery of some glittery baubles this afternoon… more


10th January 2013

Hannah Thomas and Claire Turner from the Commonwealth Foundation are here today meeting with Michael and… more


29th February 2016

Here’s Ross, demonstrating a metaphor: sometimes, as a designer, you have to juggle lots of different… more


25th July 2012

Today, Michael and John have been holding a branding workshop, this time at the Commonweath Foundation…. more


3rd March 2014

Mike’s liberated himself from his computer this afternoon, and has gone brush-in-hand to the creative… more


13th April 2018

Our Internet is being restarted which has made Michael grumpy, for a few minutes. more


Gwenyth Herbert

Gwyneth Herbert is a firm favourite in the Cog studio. Our paths have crossed a few… more


28th August 2015

Is this Michael, being papped, emerging from a swanky Shoreditch Hotel? No, it’s part of an… more


14th August 2015

Jenny’s been away for a few days. She doesn’t look happy that she’s come back to… more


8th May 2013

Jon has his guitar gear with him today, it’s a Fender Telecaster with Seymour Duncan… more


20th December 2012

A very sheepish delivery driver, dropped of this sodden box. It used to contain bottles of… more


Pick Me Up

On what turned out to be a glorious, almost summer-like evening, the Cog team meandered their… more


4th September 2015

Michael’s Arts Emergency badge has arrived in the post and is already being proudly worn. more


24th January 2012

It’s always flattering to be featured in the press. Today we were in Digital Arts. Here’s… more


15th May 2014

Ocky’s lecturing us all on the history of the crocus and its connection with Saffron Walden,… more


9th October 2017

We’re on location at the OXO Tower doing a photoshoot for South Bank Employers’ Group. more


28th July 2016

Sam and Anna went to talk through design concepts with Dan and Heather from ENB more


21st August 2013

Michael was an hour early for a new client meeting this morning. As a demonstration of… more


16th May 2012

Ocky has been down to the Charles Dickens Museum to discuss the design of a site… more


23rd March 2018

After many years at Cog sadly our Beccapedia is leaving us, we wish her all the… more


13th March 2012

Michael and John have been to ISM to present ideas and wish David Smith well for… more


Speculative pitching

Why won’t we take on unpaid creative pitches? Are we delusional, thinking clients might change their… more


1st March 2012

Michael’s been to Cambridge. Even after an hour’s train trip he still found some of our… more


29th January 2014

Michael was given an early morning preview of the Royal Academy’s new Sensing Spaces exhibition. more