Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


Cog Christmas 2016

It’s Christmas and don’t we know it. The Cog studio is filled with festive songs, all… more


21st June 2018

Matt is photographing Marcia Chandra photographing readers for the Reading Agency. more


6th August 2018

We’re just pushed the big red launch button on a new website for The Albany in… more


15th July 2011

Our first meeting with new client Rosanna Marsh of Naomi Russell and Partners. more


17th December 2013

Vicki and Gemma from Theatrical Management Association met with us today; we’re putting the finishing touches… more


8th April 2013

Jon’s busy checking proofs for a folder we’ve designed for the Commonwealth Foundation. more


15th February 2019

Anna and Emily K are chatting through site plans and designs for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. more


29th April 2016

Adrian’s driven up from Apple Colour in Bristol, with a proof for Anna to check. more


17th July 2017

Tunnock’s Tea Cakes and fudge are on the post-holiday menu today. Yumm! more


17th June 2013

Alessandra sent us an intriguing Yellow Swan last month, this month we’ve invited her to spend… more


4th February 2015

Jenny’s been with us for 4 months. To mark the occasion, she’s been given a set… more


11th May 2012

Our studio goldfish was looking a little lonely, so today, we got him 3 new friends. more


3rd August 2012

Michael has been visiting clients near Trafalgar Square today, it was 26 days 7 hours 5… more


28th April 2014

The team enthusiastically set about testing the Mars competition clam of 1 in 6 chance of… more


4th November 2011

Training day. Julia and Shannon from Charles Dickens Museum came in to learn how to update… more


24th July 2019

Claire’s talking to us about her side business ‘Scout’s Honour.’ This means lots of cool merit… more


15th January 2015

Michael, Ocky and Sam are running a communications workshop. It’s the second pub-based activity with Musical… more


18th July 2017

Sam’s been spending her maternity leave practising her baby juggling. She’s brought Jesse in to show… more


29th July 2019

It’s Alex’s last week, so we treated ourselves to some garden gins to say farewell. more


Simon Schama

The event fell into two parts. The first was an illustrated talk by Schama about his… more


8th January 2019

Janice and Kathryn from The Cogency are here to chat about the next stages of the… more


20th October 2011

Our second branding workshop of the week. This time Michael and Mike held a session with… more