Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


27th April 2012

Sometimes, design can cause frustration. Today, we received this card to thank us for our patience… more


7th December 2012

Kim, from the ISM, is visiting the studio today. She’s running through the ISM’s quarterly Music… more


20th July 2017

It’s Cog Night. We’re at Now Gallery for Camille Walala’s WALALA x PLAY more


Graeae website

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to create an engaging and accessible website for… more


23rd June 2011

A huge, red, ‘signed off’ email, the official approaval for a new website project’s designs. more


9th January 2015

Photographer Emile Holba seems confused by Michael’s unconventional approach to keeping his camera straight. They’re chatting… more


23rd January 2015

Michael treated us to some under desk heaters today – this is how Lydia revealed them… more


6th July 2015

Ross is all tied up after taking delivery of a 25m extension cable… he’s excited even… more


30th September 2013

Michael’s reading an article in The Stage, which he’s written, about the naming of venues and… more


Art Exchange

Placing the artist at its core, Art Exchange is a space where art, artists and audiences… more


7th September 2015

The fudge Lydia brought back from her trip to Scotland has been banished into the kitchen… more


24th June 2013

Ross has been planning a summer of cultural events, aided by our new Marlowe Theatre brochure. more


12th February 2013

Mike is showing us his best pancake tossing skills, as we have a celebratory, pancake day,… more


10th July 2018

Anna and Michael are at University of Manchester, running a workshop with their Creative Manchester team. more


10th March 2014

Spring has arrived across the country. The only exception being in Ocky’s larynx, where winter grinds… more


22nd July 2014

Dave is back in the studio and making a fuss about not getting a ‘prize’ in… more


19th April 2012

Mike and Michael have been to The Beaney. They were left alone to run amok in… more


16th June 2017

Our indoor garden needs a fair amount of maintenance. Green-fingered Emily does the business for us. more


25th May 2012

It’s lovely and sunny and Nicola has been tempting the team with talk of ice cream… more


20th October 2017

Rebecca Gleave, from ISM, is here, chatting with Michael about our work on the My ISM… more


17th April 2014

The team had an egg and spoon race this afternoon to celebrate easter. Champion egg n’… more


4th January 2017

Anna, Jack and Michael are running a communication at the very lively Urdang Dance Academy. more


5th November 2013

Michael and Ocky are at the UK Theatre offices, chatting about branding and magazine design. more