Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


27th May 2014

This bakelite phone has made its way into the studio ahead of a fun project due… more


5th December 2011

Sony have sent us this triple platinum album, awarded for John’s design of the anthology -… more


18th December 2017

It’s Tom’s last day in the studio before crimbo so we’ve started the birthday celebrations a… more


27th October 2015

Sam’s employing a team of little people to put the finishing touches to the talk she’s… more


26th April 2012

Thursday night is football night for Dave. Kit on, fuel in hand, he rushes out and… more


17th August 2011

Kim here for her bi-monthly, final proof of ISM’s members’ magazine: Music Journal. more


3rd October 2011

The constant march towards the latest software continues. Today we finiashed the studio upgrade to Adobe… more


17th July 2018

Emily’s in the garden putting the finish touches to our new pond fountain. more


18th February 2015

Sam and the Creative United team have been checking out the London fashion week setup during… more


13th April 2015

Taking advantage of Michael’s UK Theatre membership, he and Becca have booked a booth in their… more


7th August 2013

Michael’s in Bournemouth, on holiday. Whilst there he’s popped in to see ex-Cogger, John Burton,… more


7th February 2017

Michael, Matt and Jack are in Canterbury, presenting initial website concepts to our friends at The… more


31st May 2017

Matt’s made a cake to celebrate Dan’s birthday. But we didn’t have enough candles to do… more


10th May 2013

On his way home, Ross stopped to watch the sunset over The Thames – it’s nice… more


23rd July 2012

A wonderful warm day in Greenwich today, we’re fully prepared and keeping cool. more


20th October 2016

English National Ballet’s Daniel and Heather are here to look through their latest website designs. more


3rd February 2017

Michael and Jack are at Spektrix, talking ticketing with our new clients Peter and James from… more


11th August 2011

Proofs, proofs and more proofs. John and Ocky and surrounded by sheets from The Marlowe’s brochure… more


19th January 2015

It’s blue Monday so Ross has appropriated his tradition of banana smiles to give us a… more


Simon Schama

The event fell into two parts. The first was an illustrated talk by Schama about his… more


20th December 2019

Ed has taken on the annual tradition of defrosting the freezer before Xmas. It’s a serious… more


20th December 2017

We might be cheating a bit, with our beer-based advent calendar: some of us are selecting… more


25th January 2016

We’re trying out Slack to manage projects and share ideas. We’re loving it so far. more


20th November 2014

Goddard’s Pie Shop has been voted Greenwich’s best eatery by Time Out this week, so Ross… more