Journal entries ordered by “Surprise Me”


18th August 2011

Michael received this lovely invite to The Marlowe’s gala opening, featuring the logo we designed, many… more


10th March 2015

It’s our weekly meeting and we’ve been joined, via Skype, by two of our international team… more


4th November 2014

Today is an important date in the company calendar. The day Ocky buys his first Christmas… more


30th October 2015

After seven months of work, we’re almost finished working on a special book for the Dickson… more


VAULT Festival 2020

I’m fascinated by VAULT Festival (I really don’t like using those capitals but that’s how they… more


22nd December 2016

In a break from tradition, Michael is letting Melissa defrost the freezer as part of our… more


24th April 2012

John, projecting type onto folded paper and photographing the result. Techy-kit, typography and mucking about. more


19th January 2016

Ross looks thoroughly unimpressed as Michael almost draws on his computer with a Sharpie. more


14th January 2014

Ocky is having a hard time deciding which herbal tea, from our Christmas box set, to… more


7th July 2011

We number our proofs but when he reached proof number 19, Ocky abandoned that approach. more


20th January 2017

Early morning in Dalston. Michael and Jack popped in for coffee, croissants and chat with the… more


4th May 2020

Alex has been enjoying a newly installed hammock on his balcony over lunch. more


21st November 2018

Michael and Jack are visiting the team at Jerwood Foundation. Lili and Alexis chose to pose… more


1st November 2012

In a bid to re-live his student days, we’re listening to Blur and Ocky is eating… more


31st October 2016

Our Halloween themed bake off final was presided over by Scary Mary Berry… here she is… more


25th February 2014

Michael’s at the 2016 Commonwealth Lecture to hear Irina Bokova talk about her role as the… more


22nd August 2017

We’re at Parasol unit, presenting initial design work to Ziba Ardalan and her team. more