Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


22nd November 2011

Michael and Mike have been to the Society of London Theatre, presenting initial ideas for a… more


18th November 2011

Cog Night. Mike and John in the shop of the unknown craftsman at British Museum. Grayson… more


17th November 2011

A quick lunch break during a 4hr meeting with The Conservatoire team and web developer Paul… more


15th November 2011

Michael’s out and about again. Today was a trip to Canterbury Council to pitch for a… more


10th November 2011

Michael’s out again. A multi-meeting tour of London, ending at the Museum of the Order of… more


9th November 2011

Michael’s been to the Royal Academy of Dance to discuss the next stage of our branding/promotions… more


8th November 2011

Sydney Thornbury, the new Chief Exec at The Conservatoire is here to look at wireframes and… more


4th November 2011

Training day. Julia and Shannon from Charles Dickens Museum came in to learn how to update… more


3rd November 2011

Michael’s been taking photos for updates to our website. Here he is capturing the beauty of… more


2nd November 2011

Ocky has been photographing items from the Charles Dickens Museum shop, to add to their… more


1st November 2011

Ocky and Alec, from Paul Hamlyn Foundation. poring over the details of a huge new report… more