Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


20th February 2012

Press night for Charlotte Keatley’s new play, Our Father at Watford Palace. Ocky was there, with… more


16th February 2012

The local tagger, Venom, has visited our building and sprayed the ground floor. Not exactly Banksy,… more


14th February 2012

Ocky is still ill so Michael gave the presentation at the British Library. They kindly posed… more


10th February 2012

Mark, from Streamtime, popped in to tell us about improvements to their project management sofware (which… more


9th February 2012

An old-school afternoon, mounting work – the once ubiquitous 3M SprayMount, 10A scalpel blades, a steel… more


8th February 2012

Ocky’s been out again. This time it was a trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery to talk… more


7th February 2012

Dickens’s bicentenary. Ocky went to the official wreath-laying at Westminster Abbey with the great, the good… more


6th February 2012

After a snowy weekend, Michael’s Monday morning meeting took him to Canterbury Heritage Museum (resplendent with… more


3rd February 2012

Out in Greenwich we spotted this display of our posters (for Dickens and London, at Museum… more


31st January 2012

Ocky and John have taken over our meeting room and covered the walls in their thinking… more