Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


7th September 2011

Dryden Goodwin and Imran Perretta, meeting with Michael and George to talk through the detail of… more


6th September 2011

Dave spent the entire day leaning across a lightbox, carefully redrawing the Royal crest of the… more


2nd September 2011

Michael’s venue of choice for informal meetings. This week he met Sydney Thornbury (new CEO at… more


31st August 2011

We received a bumper parcel of goodies from Canterbury Museums: some of the items in their… more


30th August 2011

Getting creative with typography, Ocky is photographing type, underwater for a new show at Watford Palace… more


29th August 2011

It’s a National holiday and the studio is closed. This photo is from Michael’s trip to… more


23rd August 2011

An early morning meeting with Debbie Vanozzi from Oval House Theatre, John showing second stage visuals… more


19th August 2011

We’ve spent the week clearing out old computers. It’s amazing (and depressing) how quickly it all… more


18th August 2011

Michael received this lovely invite to The Marlowe’s gala opening, featuring the logo we designed, many… more