Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


12th October 2011

Charlotte Kewell and Helen Adrodos came in to talk to Michael about a campaign he’s helping… more


6th October 2011

2nd site in 2 days. Tonight is the opening of Open, Dryden Goodwin’s latest project, at… more


7th October 2011

Cog Night, Late at National Portrait Gallery. It was a busy, themed evening with DJs and… more


5th October 2011

In preparation for tomorrow’s National Poetry Day, we’ve launched the site WinningWordsPoetry.com for our clients Wonderbird. more


4th October 2011

The Royal Gala opening of The Marlowe Theatre. Michael, Ocky, The Duke and Duchess of Kent… more


3rd October 2011

The constant march towards the latest software continues. Today we finiashed the studio upgrade to Adobe… more


28th September 2011

Apple Colour’s Adrian drove from Bristol with our print proof, had a cup of coffee while… more


23rd September 2011

Mike and Ocky argue about the relative merits of different designs for The Charles Dickens Museum. more


22nd September 2011

This month’s Cog Night was a trip to the Twombly & Poussin exhibition at Dulwich Picture… more


20th September 2011

Once a month our accountant, Chris, pops in to check that we’re using our abacus correctly. more