Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


1st July 2011

Cognight at Design Museum for the Wim Crouwel exhibition and Summer Party. more


30th June 2011

Simon’s last day as a full-time Cog Designer. Tomorrow he will be an Associate team member. more


28th June 2011

Canadian student and illustrator, Anthony Gerace, has joined us for the summer. more


27th June 2011

Rolling and wrapping the papers we’ve had printed for this year’s AMA conference. more


24th June 2011

Cognight. Our monthly cultural outing. This time to hear Simon Schama’s recollections of the Festival of… more


23rd June 2011

A huge, red, ‘signed off’ email, the official approaval for a new website project’s designs. more


22nd June 2011

A surreal moment. Walking back to the studio from Deptford, we passed Chris Moyles, dressed as… more


21st June 2011

Our bi-monthly visit from the incredibly organised Kim Davenport Gee, finalising the new issue of Music… more


20th June 2011

Dryden Goodwin popped in to discuss the web presence we are building for his latest project. more


17th June 2011

Today was a three coffee-pot day. Lots to do, early start and a late finish. more


16th June 2011

A visit from Arts Council’s Sylvia, to chat through the latest proof of their project more


15th June 2011

We’re planning a new job booking system, post-its are the perfect tool for almost any project. more


14th June 2011

13 members of the Dulwich Picture Gallery team at our studio for a brand workshop. more


13th June 2011

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Ocky making plans for tomorrow’s brand workshop more