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AMA conference 2017

Our highlights and top-tips from the Arts Marketing Association’s 2017 conference, titled ‘The Value of Everything’,… more

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19th October 2017

We’re at Benjamin Franklin House, presenting initial thinking about their new website. more


18th October 2017

Our new intern Lydia is getting to know our resident Cog bunnies, making sure they are… more


16th October 2017

It’s week three of the Cog Bake Off and Dan’s made a lovely lemon dizzle cake…. more


13th October 2017

Dan is in the board room of the BPI. He’s flanked by Brit Award statues, designed… more


12th October 2017

Always lovely to meet with Eleanor Pinfield and Jess Davies-Malloy from the Art on the Underground… more


11th October 2017

Matt, Becca and Jack have been at Parasol unit today to chat about designs for their… more


9th October 2017

We’re on location at the OXO Tower doing a photoshoot for South Bank Employers’ Group. more


6th October 2017

Film Forever. Michael’s meeting new clients, Maria, Alex and Stephanie, at the BFI. more


4th October 2017

Céline and Max from the Akram Khan Company came into the studio today to chat about… more


3rd October 2017

It’s always lovely to visit the Impact offices – they make great tea. Anna and Michael… more


2nd October 2017

It’s week 2 in Cog’s imaginary big white tent… Becca’s baked us chocolate cherry tarts, with… more