Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


2nd September 2020

Socially distanced discussion. We’re chatting about the merits (and demerits) of switching to Basecamp 3. Digital… more


27th August 2020

Whilst clearing out all the broken electrical equipment in the studio, Ed’s accidentally created some kind… more


26th August 2020

We’re working on a new Cog website (aren’t we always). Michael’s taken on the task of… more


25th August 2020

Just when we thought is was safe to be back in the studio, Michael’s locked-down at… more


21st August 2020

We’ve cracked out a fresh job folder for a new design project we’re starting. more


18th August 2020

Our friend Jo Taylor (from Rambert) popped in to say hello. She couldn’t resist a quick… more


17th August 2020

The studio’s grass bunnies are helping Ed enforce social distancing in the indoor garden. more


14th August 2020

Ed’s cracked out the Cog-yellow paper to take arty photos of tea for our Journal. more


13th August 2020

Listening to Nat Maher talk to us about equality in the design industry was an inspiring… more