Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


30th July 2019

Jack’s hosting an event for the AMA at Park Theatre for people working in social media… more


29th July 2019

It’s Alex’s last week, so we treated ourselves to some garden gins to say farewell. more


26th July 2019

Jack, Lucy, Claire and Anna went over to Laban Theatre to see a preview of Candoco’s… more


24th July 2019

Claire’s talking to us about her side business ‘Scout’s Honour.’ This means lots of cool merit… more


23rd July 2019

Anna went to celebrate the Great Exhibition Road Festival that we branded. more


19th July 2019

Claire’s been with us for three month already, time for her own set of keys. more


16th July 2019

Jack, Claire and Anna went to the Horniman to catch up with Connie and the team…. more


12th July 2019

Jess and MK from Discover came in to look over the final designs for their new… more