Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


9th July 2019

Jack’s at the opening night social for the Arts Marketing Association’s conference in Newcastle and Gateshead. more


8th July 2019

It’s our account, Mark Cooper’s annual visit to Michael’s house, to chat about our annual accounts. more


4th July 2019

Rachel and Francesca from South East Creatives met Anna and Jen to discuss designs for their… more


2nd July 2019

Happy birthday Emily. Actually, it’s her birthday in a few days but she’s being taken away… more


28th June 2019

With the sun out Emily, Tonie and Kristina ventured into Greenwich for some lunchtime ice cream…. more


27th June 2019

Tonie’s casting her eyes over the proofs for The Marlowe season brochure. more


25th June 2019

Our new intern Kristina is getting to grips with her health and safety induction. more


21st June 2019

The designers have huddled round to look at the new Commonwealth Foundation brochures. more


20th June 2019

It’s Michael’s birthday next week, but he’s going to be away so we’re having celebratory pizza… more


19th June 2019

Roisin Johns is our new GF Smith rep. She brought us some lovely samples of gorgeous… more