Diary of news and visual gossip from the studio and beyond


2nd June 2020

Standing beside anyone who opposes bigotry and racism. more


1st June 2020

Anna’s pleased to receive the new Commonwealth Foundation Annual Report from the printer. more


29th May 2020

Michael’s been to the studio for the first time in 10 weeks. It’s looking very empty. more


28th May 2020

Our breakfast briefing was with Elle from OAE. A fascinating insight into what it’s like to… more


20th May 2020

Please stand by. Ed’s had some technical difficulties on Slack this morning, leaving Michael the size… more


19th May 2020

Ed ended his lunch break with a cream tea Michael sent him for his birthday. more


18th May 2020

We’ve launched the second phase of Tyneside Cinema’s website and Jen has made her own big… more


14th May 2020

This morning’s breakfast briefing was hosted by Ed. He talked us through his favourite lock-down projects,… more


13th May 2020

Michael’s checking in on his sunflower seedlings, hardening off in the cool Spring air. They are… more


12th May 2020

Anna’s looking at last year’s Commonwealth Foundation report while she works on designing 2020’s edition. more